BotRx widgets provide analytical context on how attacks impact business operations

BotRx announced new customizable Business Risk x-tension (BRx) that bridges the gap between application security and business risk awareness.

The BRx platform delivers deep data insight for mission critical business variables and gives the ability to contextualize the impact of bot and manual attacks specific to business operations. This new tool allows web managers and security professionals to customize and track specific business variables that are important to their success and analyze them from both a business and security perspective.

The comprehensive data record can be customized to include variables like login frequency, credential entry, page visits, credit and giftcard information and present them in a contextual manner. All of this data is analyzed using machine learning algorithms so that any anomalies from individual users and bots are identified regardless of how they may change their online appearance. This allows businesses to monitor and track users and bots that are potentially exposing the business to increased risk.

“Websites and applications are the heart of modern businesses and protecting these entry points is essential in maintaining operations. However security for websites and applications often relies on blocking IPs or users with suspicious behavior. Stopping malicious actors alone does not provide insight that can be used for better business decisions,” said John Briar, Co-Founder and COO of BotRx. “No two businesses are the same and BRx gives organizations the ability to track variables specific to their business and monitor the impact on their daily operations and long-term business risk.”

Delivered through a single platform, ProTx works immediately using artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify anomalies and highlight unusual user or bot activity. ProTx BRx offers the following benefits to customers:

Increased efficiency: Streamlines and contextualizes anomalous data into actionable insights for business protection, not just website protection.

Enhanced protection: AI and machine learning build unique fingerprints for attackers so that businesses are secured from bad actors regardless of IP or other network changes that might allow bots or manual attackers to hide.

“We continue to expand BotRx ProTx to provide customers with the most comprehensive bot mitigation and manual attack solution to not only stop attacks, but gain a deeper understanding of illegitimate users’ impact on business operations as a whole,” said Briar.


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