Syniverse and NodeWeaver partnership delivers wireless services and enables the intelligent edge

Syniverse announced it has signed a new indirect channel partner, NodeWeaver, to sell its Global SIM solution to businesses in industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors.

The Syniverse solution enables businesses to deploy internet of things (IoT) devices and sensors over a flexible network that powers those applications, while providing customers with reliable connectivity and unparalleled global reach.

The NodeWeaver operating platform is designed to run artificial intelligence and machine learning enabled IoT applications at the edge. NodeWeaver delivers scale-out edge clusters on heterogeneous bare metal hardware that run any application, non-stop and autonomously optimized, with no human interaction.

Deploying intelligent edge solutions at scale demands efficient economic metrics. NodeWeaver addresses the full lifecycle of cost from acquisition to deployment to long-term management and maintenance.

The Syniverse Global SIM solution allows enterprises to adopt IoT as part of a broader and more mature digital transformation process through improved efficiency and productivity, greater network speeds, increased data throughput processing, lower latency requirements, and most significantly, enhanced security, by nature of being shielded from the public internet.

Syniverse also provides companies transitioning to cloud environments the ability to move data and services discreetly over a secure network, including that from the deployment of IoT devices. This makes it easier to draw insights from intelligent data analysis or integrate communications between remote locations.

The Syniverse solution, along with NodeWeaver’s software-defined operating platform, now makes it possible to deliver distributed compute functionality on fully managed networks that meet the ever-growing customer demands for running any applications with stable IoT network coverage and device deployment anywhere in the world.

Lorraine Twigg, Vice President of Enterprise & Partner Sales, EMEAI, Syniverse: “The expanded use of IoT solutions for enterprise adoption is in high demand. While this initiative has become a strategic imperative for many businesses, a joint and concerted effort is required for these deployments to be successful.

“To that end, Syniverse welcomes the opportunity to partner with NodeWeaver to help drive mutual business outcomes by advancing joint solutions that power a more connected world.”

Carlo Daffara, CEO, NodeWeaver: “Syniverse complements our vision of scalable, self-managing computing at the edge by providing secure connectivity for all the individual NodeWeaver instances and the virtual resources running on top.

“NodeWeaver and Syniverse allow for the creation of a single, unified computing and network layer, that goes from the smallest IoT nodes up to datacenter and cloud infrastructure.”

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