Immuta and Starburst help orgs automate data governance, access control, and privacy management

Immuta announced a strategic partnership with Starburst, to allow organizations to unlock sensitive data by automating data access control, security, and privacy protection.

Joint customers using Immuta and Starburst benefit from faster, safer, more cost-effective analytics and data science initiatives that deliver more value from more data — even the most sensitive.

Immuta’s native integration with Starburst will be available in late November for select beta customers. Interested organizations can try Immuta for free for 14 days and request access to the Starburst beta program.

Featuring a new, native integration with Starburst, Immuta’s Automated Data Governance platform enables data engineering and DataOps teams to automatically detect sensitive data, write and enforce fine-grained access control policies, and provide an active data catalog of Starburst Presto and other cloud services.

Immuta’s dynamic security policies and Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) are applied on Starburst queries without having to copy or move data, manually remove private or sensitive information, or develop custom functions. The integration supports a wide range of technologies in the Starburst ecosystem including MongoDB, Cassandra, Elastic, Redis, and Kafka.

“Starburst is a natural partner for Immuta. Both companies are focused on helping data-driven organizations maximize the value of data across complex data platforms and architectures by not just separating data storage from compute, but also separating compute and access control,” said Chris Devaney, Vice President, Alliances with Immuta.

“We see enormous opportunity in delivering the joint solution to organizations who must preserve privacy and security within an increasingly complex regulatory environment. Joint customers that work with highly-sensitive data can leverage Starburst and Immuta to automate data governance, policy enforcement, access control, and privacy management.”

Specific features and benefits of the joint solution include:

  • Sensitive data detection: Immuta’s sensitive data detection feature automates the discovery and classification of sensitive attributes across Starburst, helping to save time and reduce risk.
  • Fine-grained access controls: Immuta applies row-level security, column-level security and masking, and cell-level protection to Starburst data without making copies, building custom plugins or managing role-based access. Immuta’s modern, attribute-based access control (ABAC) policies are dynamically enforced on Starburst queries, providing fine-grained control over sensitive data, while maintaining compliance and reducing risk.
  • Dynamic privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs): Immuta provides a wide array of PETs that allow customers to dynamically anonymize data, unlocking the value and utility of sensitive data for internal analytics and external data sharing.
  • Self-service, active data catalog: Starburst analysts and data scientists can use Immuta’s active data catalog to search, explore and subscribe to data sources, with built-in approval workflows to grant new access. Furthermore, Immuta Projects enables teams to collaborate around data, automatically protecting data sources and any published or derived data.

“The combination of Immuta and Starburst is a great way for organizations to automate data access governance, while maximizing data utility and security,” said Justin Borgman, Co-Founder & CEO at Starburst.

“Customers rely on Starburst to query terabytes of data from across all of their data sources and locations and future-proof their data architecture. This joint solution with Immuta will allow our customers to do so with consistent data access governance capabilities that make sensitive data safer, easier to share, and ultimately more valuable to the organization.”

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