​Artmotion​ invests in Citadelo​ to help enterprises secure their technology infrastructure

​Artmotion​ announced that it’s entering the ethical hacking space by acquiring 58% shares in Citadelo​ and becoming a board member.

The European cybersecurity firm currently operates offices in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. From now on, Citadelo will actively grow its footprint in Switzerland and across Europe to help enterprises secure their technology infrastructure in the current threat landscape.

Why did Artmotion choose Citadelo?

Artmotion was looking to boost its cloud security offering by adding white-hat hacking and was drawn to the team of 30 young ethical hackers at Citadelo. Founded in 2006 to help Fortune 500 companies identify vulnerabilities through simulated attacks, the firm has grown into a market leader in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

By engaging in cloud security testing, application testing, and more, the cybersecurity company helps businesses achieve a higher level of security. This was evidenced recently when these young hackers uncovered a serious vulnerability in ​VMware​.

“Citadelo joining the Artmotion family makes perfect sense as cybersecurity is critical to protecting digital assets within the cloud. Now our customers will have access to an industry-leading penetration testing team to ensure infrastructure based on AWS, Microsoft Azure or VMware, and other technologies are robustly protected,” said Mateo Meier, Artmotion’s co-founder and CEO.

Artmotion and Citadelo will continue to operate as separate companies

Citadelo’s founder Tomas Zatko will remain the group-wide CEO. The firm’s first employee, Martin Hanic, its Sales Director, Tomas Horvath, Director of Consulting Services, and Martin Leskovjan, will support future growth as shareholders and board members.

“Artmotion becoming a shareholder in the company is the next natural step in Citadelo’s evolution to grow internally and internationally. While we will continue to operate independently and in close cooperation with Artmotion, we’re excited to enter new markets together and help businesses fortify their IT infrastructure across Europe,” said Tomas Zatko, Citadelo co-founder and CEO.

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