Dynatrace and SAP expand partnership to help retailers drive better business outcomes

Dynatrace announced its expanded partnership with SAP will help prepare the world’s leading retailers for a successful Cyber Monday and beyond.

This multi-year agreement positions Dynatrace as a strategic observability partner for SAP Commerce Cloud. This means Dynatrace’s digital experience monitoring capabilities, including real user monitoring and synthetic monitoring, and precise answers from its AI-engine, Davis, are now available for SAP Commerce Cloud, digital experience monitoring, which customers can subscribe to via the online SAP Store.

The solution enables retailers to maximize customer satisfaction and online conversions by optimizing every step in their user journey, from the first click on a mobile app or website, to code-level insights detailing the performance of underlying cloud services.

“As a part of our digital transformation efforts, we needed to migrate our e-commerce to a more advanced platform. This required digital experience monitoring to understand precisely which improvements to prioritize and ensure everything performs as expected,” said Christoferson Chua, B2B E-Commerce Lead Developer, at ASICS.

“The combined power of Dynatrace digital experience monitoring and SAP Commerce Cloud helps us understand and pinpoint bottlenecks across our e-commerce integrations, enabling our teams to proactively drive innovation and optimizations to achieve a fast and responsive storefront. Ultimately, this allows us to strengthen our relationships with customers and partners, as well as our brand value.”

According to recent research by Deloitte, 2020 e-commerce holiday sales are expected to surge by 25% to 35% compared to 2019, reflecting consumers’ preference for online shopping in the wake of the pandemic.

As retailers look to elevate their digital strategies, and competition intensifies, continuous optimization of digital user experience has become essential to the bottom line.

By embedding Dynatrace’s AI-powered observability and digital experience monitoring capabilities into SAP Commerce Cloud, customers gain a deeper understanding of applications and microservices running in their environment, including third-party services.

Dynatrace can identify anomalies, such as mobile app crashes, errors, or performance issues, prioritize them by business impact, and supply precise root-cause determination. This enables digital teams to understand how application performance and new features influence business KPIs, including conversions and revenue, so they can continuously optimize user experience across mobile, web, and other edge-device channels.

“Imagine you’re a retailer, and during Cyber Monday your mobile app or website crashes. What would you do?” asked Michael Allen, VP of Global Partners at Dynatrace.

“Extending Dynatrace’s AI and digital experience management capabilities to SAP Commerce Cloud helps retailers know exactly what’s happening in their environments, across mobile, web, and other edge-channels.

“They can see where the highest-impact issues are, and how the performance of their digital services impacts business outcomes. This helps ensure, even during the most critical moments and heavy-traffic days, digital experiences work perfectly.”

“As an analyst-recognized, market-leading commerce solution, SAP Commerce Cloud is focused on delivering the best possible commerce experiences and outcomes for our customers so they can do the same for their customers,” said Riad Hijal, Global Head and VP, Commerce Strategy and Solution Management at SAP.

“Reliable observability capabilities are a foundational element of a highly available commerce solution. By incorporating Dynatrace’s observability and digital experience monitoring capabilities within SAP Commerce Cloud, customers will be further empowered to monitor the full, end-to-end landscape, from infrastructure and application performance to digital journeys on commerce storefronts.”

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