CyberMDX integrates its Healthcare Security Suite into Philips Cybersecurity Services

CyberMDX announced a partnership with Philips to integrate CyberMDX’s Healthcare Security Suite into the newly introduced integrated Cybersecurity Services offered by Philips.

The proliferation of millions of connected medical devices allows users and networks to share, search, navigate, manage, compare, and analyze a virtually limitless flow of data that enhances care outcomes.

Assuring the safety and privacy of these systems and associated data, however, requires a comprehensive risk-based cybersecurity program. Created as a platform for partnership with healthcare customers, the Philips Cybersecurity Services help define and implement strategic and tactical software and device protection.

As part of the partnership, Philips’ customers will gain access to CyberMDX’s leading services including the company’s mapping and evaluation capabilities, medical device risk assessment, security prioritization, threat detection and intelligence, intrusion prevention, compliance and governance, and related support.

The data and insights collected through CyberMDX form a core foundation for development and implementation of a full cybersecurity plan for Philips’ customers.

“The size and complexity of modern healthcare networks necessitates a robust multi-tiered security approach,” said Amir Magner CEO of CyberMDX.

“Protecting the integrity of our medical devices so that our healthcare professionals can continue to provide their lifesaving services is our primary mission at CyberMDX and we believe that our partnership with Philips will be a tremendous asset towards furthering that goal.”

“Philips is pleased to work with CyberMDX to provide health technology customers with vendor-neutral solutions to protect connected medical systems and devices,” said Conrad Smits, Head of Global Services and Solutions at Philips. “We look forward to offering integrated services to secure and protect technologies that have the promise to transform healthcare.”

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