Kanguru Defender secure devices help orgs protect, manage, and secure their data

Kanguru’s data management solution offers security-conscious organizations an exceptional level of global data security to protect, manage, and secure their information around the world.

With Kanguru Defender secure devices, information can be stored on military-grade, AES/XTS 256-Bit hardware encrypted USB drives, away from the dangers of the internet.

Kanguru Remote Management Console (KRMC) is an additional fully-integrated security option for organizations, providing IT Administrators and Security Officers the ability to remotely manage, monitor, update, communicate, and even disable their hardware encrypted USB data storage devices if necessary anywhere in the world.

“Kanguru is poised to offer more to security-conscious clients with Kanguru’s well-established, fully-integrated KRMC to manage all of their organization’s Defender hardware encrypted USB drives,” states Nate Cote, EVP, Kanguru. We continue to provide greater control, oversight, and information regarding deployed USB devices to IT security officers.”

Kanguru Defender hardware encrypted drives offer outstanding protection against data breach, viruses, brute-force attacks, and more:

  • Military-grade, AES 256-Bit hardware encryption (XTS Mode)
  • High-level FIPS 140-2 certification (certain models)
  • New large capacity storage flash drives up to 256GB
  • Secure Defender HDD up to 5T and SSD up to 2T capacity data storage
  • Option To remotely manage with Kanguru Remote Management Console (KRMC)
  • Onboard antivirus, real-time scanning protection by award-winning BitDefender
  • Brute-force / tamper-proof protection
  • RSA-2048 digitally-signed, secure firmware
  • TAA compliance

Kanguru Remote Management Console (KRMC) offers an extraordinary solution for IT Administrators and Security Officers to manage, monitor, and secure Defender hardware encrypted USB devices around the world:

  • Monitor all your organization’s Defender encrypted USB drives from one convenient console
  • Customize security settings for all Defender USB drives configured with your organization
  • Track and manage USB drives worldwide
  • Disable/delete lost or stolen devices
  • Set up online & offline permissions
  • Generate reports
  • Email users directly from the KRMC console (NEW)
  • Notify users and roll out policy updates
  • Schedule password changes
  • and much more.

Kanguru’s secure data solution is flexible for any sized organization to fit any budget, from SMBs, to Enterprise. Start small and grow your data security, or prepare a complete roll-out. Kanguru’s hardware encrypted USB drives and fully-integrated remote management is an affordable high-security solution for any organization.

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