SingleStore gives Nucleus Security needed scale and speed

SingleStore announced that it is supporting the Nucleus Security vulnerability assessment software-as-a-service offering for vulnerability management.

“Enterprises often overlook threats due to the speed, size and complexity of data,” said Nucleus Security CEO Steve Carter.

“But SingleStore delivers the speed and scale required to respond to vulnerabilities and threats as they occur. In addition to meeting our performance requirements on this front, SingleStore was painless for our developers – who were already familiar with SQL – to learn.”

Nucleus Security is unique in its ability to put data at the fingertips of vulnerability teams to enable them to do their jobs right and automate workflows to increase capacity by up to 10 times.

This plays directly into SingleStore’s core competency of fast, parallel data ingestion at massive scale to meet Nucleus SLAs for analytics in addition to monitoring and alerting for vulnerability detection.

With SingleStore, Nucleus increased the number of scans it can perform in one hour by a factor of 60. Nucleus enhanced the performance of its slowest ingests by 20 times using SingleStore. And SingleStore enabled Nucleus to decrease its AWS infrastructure services costs by a factor of three.

“Leading organizations such as Toyota rely on Nucleus Security for vulnerability management,” said SingleStore CEO Raj Verma. “As Nucleus continues to expand its customer base, SingleStore will be here to grow along with it and provide the company the scale and speed it needs.”

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