Authentic8 expands availability of Silo across Google Cloud’s infrastructure

Authentic8 announced a partnership with Google Cloud to expand availability of Silo across Google Cloud’s infrastructure with 1-click procurement.

By using the latest technology from Google Cloud and Authentic8, customers of all sizes can secure and control their sensitive web-based workflows regardless of geographic location or data processing requirements.

Authentic8’s patented Silo Web Isolation Platform lets corporate users access web-based resources without risk, from anywhere, and on any device. It’s built with a “trust nothing” stance towards the underlying systems and resources we interact with online.

Organizations can grant access to web based resources in perfect isolation from malicious websites, or deliver sensitive data to unmanaged devices while retaining full oversight and control over their information.

“Enabling secure, seamless remote work and collaboration is top of mind for virtually every organization,” said Manvinder Singh, Director, Partnerships at Google Cloud. “We’re excited to partner with Authentic8 to integrate its Silo product into our trusted, secure, global infrastructure, and to help customers build a foundation for secure, distributed work.”

With Silo, organizations unlock the power of the web and cloud computing, without the associated risks of uncontrolled third-party web content, unauthorized access to sensitive data by hackers or state-sponsored actors, or employee use of unmanaged devices.

On-going technology partnership

Authentic8 is now a Google Cloud Technology Partner providing security, and Authentic8 gains access to Google Cloud‘s ability to run compliant web-based workflows at the highest levels of civilian classification. Google Cloud has received FedRAMP authorization in 17 cloud regions worldwide.

Ramesh Rajagopal, co-founder and president at Authentic8 said, “Authentic8’s global client base spans public and private sector organizations, including many regulated industries. In Google Cloud, we found a platform partner that delivers a compute environment with common data processing capabilities and operational controls.

“Google Cloud’s commitment to FedRAMP across their global infrastructure helps us serve government and other regulated customers around the world. Authentic8 and Google Cloud help organizations in geographies governed by various data protection standards more easily maintain compliance specific to their national and industry requirements.

“We’re excited to build on this relationship and continue to invest in further points of integration with Google Cloud services.”

Available in Google Cloud Marketplace

Authentic8’s Silo is now available in the Google Cloud Marketplace with one-click procurement. This tight integration of Authentic8 on Google Cloud enables very easy purchasing and provisioning of Silo by any Google Cloud customers.

This arrangement eliminates the complicated procurement and integration hurdles typically associated with complex web management and security solutions.

Rajagopal at Authentic8 added, “By partnering with Google Cloud, we are able to offer our customers the strength of Google Cloud global infrastructure, security and compliance investments and digital distribution capabilities, all of which reduces barriers to adoption.

“Our customers get to focus on what’s important to their mission rather than management of complex IT systems.”

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