IRONSCALES unveils Teams and Slack alert integrations

IRONSCALES announced integrations with Microsoft Teams and Slack, to natively notify security teams using these two popular collaboration and messaging tools about phishing incidents in real-time.

The integrations further bolster IRONSCALES’ industry-leading on-the-go incident management platform, which already includes native mobile app applications for both iOS and Android devices and supports push notifications, to reach security teams wherever they are.

The ability to alert security teams in Microsoft Teams and Slack will enable customers to further expedite and optimize mitigation and response to time-sensitive email security threats and suspicious emails reported by users to the company’s abuse mailbox

“With email security, speed is the name of the game. It only takes 82 seconds for a user to click on a malicious email and potentially expose proprietary company data to malicious actors,” said Eyal Benishti, IRONSCALES founder and CEO.

“Integrating IRONSCALES into Teams and Slack will help security analysts and SOC teams respond faster to inbound and user reported threats and better prevent the potential of exposing company data to malicious actors.”

Microsoft Teams and Slack have emerged as primary communication and collaboration tools for both remote and office-based workers. In fact, both companies have reported record use of their platforms in 2020, with adoption rates skyrocketing.

Through IRONSCALES’ new integrations with the platforms, executive leadership and security teams can feel more confident that the proper personnel are receiving time-sensitive alerts regardless of their current work status.

“As a majority of people have transitioned to working remotely, perhaps well into the New Year, we knew it was imperative for IRONSCALES to better integrate with the technology this remote workforce uses day-in and day-out. This functionality with Teams and Slack offers SOC teams the best, real-time alerts in the email security market,” said Lomy Ovadia, VP of R&D.

IRONSCALES helps where e-mail security hurts the most, in the inbox, with advanced threat protection followed by a post-message delivery, detection and remediation.

Through a self-learning platform that provides for fast, easy and seamless collaboration, IRONSCALES puts its customers on offense, empowering them to defend against sophisticated email attack techniques automatically in a proactive and predictive manner.

Using a democratized approach to threat hunting, IRONSCALES makes anti-phishing effortless and seamless for both security professionals and end users.

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