Calligo launches Machine Learning Service to simplify SME and enterprise adoption of ML

Calligo launched the only Machine Learning Service (MLaaS) to simultaneously address the key obstacles to SME and enterprise adoption of machine learning: cost, data quality, complexity, security, accuracy and data privacy.

The result of the fully-managed service is quick, actionable insights that solve business problems – delivered cost-effectively at exceptional speed and accuracy within a secure, transparent and compliant environment.

Calligo has a global track record in improving business’ productivity and profitability by making their data more accessible, secure and safe to use. Building upon its expertise in data architecture, cybersecurity, data privacy and data science, Calligo’s MLaaS is the logical next step to add to its portfolio of managed data services.

It will allow SMEs and enterprises to outsource every need to improve data’s quality, security, safety and readiness for machine learning, and will avoid the cost and challenges of hiring a data science resource.

This service is supported by Calligo’s Data Insights Platform. The platform is built upon Calligo’s own public cloud technology, CloudCore, which is purpose-built for machine learning workloads. It is highly secure and the first to be built with data privacy at its heart.

On top of CloudCore sits Mind Foundry’s flexible, efficient machine learning software that delivers accurate insights fast. The combination of the two technologies perform at twice the speed of AWS and Google and halves the margin of algorithm error (96% accuracy versus 92%).

The speed of Calligo’s CPU-based CloudCore removes the need to rely on the expensive processing power of GPUs, creating further cost efficiencies for all but the most advanced or data-intensive machine learning needs.

Mind Foundry is an Oxford University AI company founded by Professors Stephen Roberts and Michael Osborne, pioneers in the field of Machine Learning. Calligo chose to partner with Mind Foundry to power this service because of the technology’s remarkable flexibility and explainability, as well as its breadth of experience in delivering commercially valuable, highly-accurate insights to a wide range of industry verticals and business use cases.

Its platform is also simultaneously suitable for expert data scientists while also intuitive enough to support business decision-making. Built upon decades of research and sound scientific principles, customers choose Mind Foundry when they need a solution they can trust.

“Too many businesses have been hesitant to take advantage of machine learning because of the cost and lack of internal expertise required to interpret and use data –and especially to do so safely.

“By offering machine learning as a cost-effective and comprehensive service for any size business, we’ve eliminated those barriers. We have democratized machine learning,” said Julian Box, Founder and CEO of Calligo.

“First, we start by figuring out where machine learning would be most useful given business goals, processes and data. Next, we tidy up an organization’s data – restructure it and make it useable. And, as with any of our services, we make the data safe to use, both in terms of security and governance, before applying machine learning. The results are then translated into something usable and consumable that will help our customers make better decisions and become more profitable, productive and agile,” Box added.

According to Brian Mullins, CEO of Mind Foundry, a partnership with Calligo makes perfect sense. “The quest to make data more available and accessible to all organizations while ensuring stringent data privacy and meeting data regulatory requirements is key to both our organizations.

“We believe that AI that is built on scientific principles can become a reliable and accountable member of any team. The new Data Insights Platform will bring machine learning to more businesses than ever before.”

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