Red Balloon Security appoints David Doggett as Senior Strategist

Red Balloon Security announced the appointment of David Doggett as Senior Strategist for its growing industrial market.

Doggett is the former Vice President Cybersecurity and Product Cybersecurity Officer at Schneider Electric, a $27 billion global vendor of electrical and industrial systems.

He brings to the company over two decades of experience as a senior level manager and executive in cybersecurity development and innovation for the industrial automation, manufacturing, mining and power industries.

“David’s senior role at Schneider Electric, and his extensive experience in industrial cybersecurity, make him a great addition to our company, as we work with major industries to drive cybersecurity innovation beyond the network and control room level, to the embedded devices and endpoints that actually run these critical operations,” said Dr. Ang Cui, CEO of Red Balloon Security.

“We see firmware-based cyber defense as a critical element that is missing today where security has been focused on the network and control rooms leaving both new and legacy devices without direct protection against malicious actors looking to disrupt operations through vulnerabilities. David will play an important role in our efforts to work with leading companies and prioritize these cybersecurity improvements.”

During his 24-year career at Schneider Electric, Doggett managed a broad range of cybersecurity initiatives, including secure development lifecycle, threat modeling, vulnerability and risk assessments, federal compliance and international standards compliance.

As the company’s Vice President Cybersecurity and Product Cybersecurity Officer, Doggett managed cybersecurity for the Industrial Automation and later Energy groups of Schneider Electric, ensuring the security of a $21 billion product portfolio and drove the adoption of new technologies, including market and technology analysis, strategy creation, product development and program execution.

He established Schneider Electric’s cybersecurity roadmaps to meet compliance with international, segment and national standards and regulations for key countries where the company does business.

Red Balloon Security is a leading developer of firmware-based security solutions to protect embedded devices, including electrical, industrial and automation systems, from a wide range of potential attacks.

Red Balloon Security’s flagship product, Symbiote Defense, is the first universal embedded defense for all embedded devices and was originally developed in Columbia University’s Intrusion Detection Systems Lab. It is a platform-independent, OS-agnostic, real-time, host-based intrusion defense that is injected into the firmware of the embedded device.

It defends these devices without requiring any code change from the vendor, any additional or upgraded hardware, and all without impacting the functionality of the device. This makes it an ideal solution for the power industry, where device integrity is crucial and there is no room for error.

Symbiote Defense also provides a significant advantage in environments like industrial systems, where regular patching and software/firmware updates are difficult and risky to carry out.

Symbiote Defense is designed to protect any and all embedded devices, from modems and routers to industrial programmable logic controllers (PLCs). It can be applied to any device regardless of OS, CPU type or hardware.

The technology starts protecting the host the instant the host turns on, and will detect any unauthorized attempts to modify the firmware’s code or data within a fraction of a second, regardless of whether the device is in sleep mode, or busy servicing requests.

Red Balloon Security is a current provider of cybersecurity solutions to several leading energy vendors, industrial providers and commercial device manufacturers.

The company is also a contractor for the US Department of Defense, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Department of Homeland Security, where it provides advanced cybersecurity testing and development for mission critical systems.

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