Immuta now provides a single solution for data teams to automate cloud data access control

Immuta announced the availability of new features for its Automated Data Governance platform including new, native integrations with Starburst Presto and Presto.

By natively supporting popular cloud data platforms, Immuta now provides a single, powerful solution for data teams to automate cloud data access control, discovery and classification, and privacy protection–significantly improving productivity, unlocking more data for more data consumers, and minimizing the risk of data leaks or breaches.

Immuta also unveiled new research that suggests the majority of data-driven organizations will adopt multiple cloud data platforms and utilize sensitive data for analytics, creating a large market need for centralized cloud data access governance. Key findings include:

  • 75% of data teams plan to adopt at least one cloud data platform in the next 12-24 months, with 52% planning to adopt two or more platforms.
  • 75% of respondents indicate “sensitive data” is currently collected and have plans to use it for analytics.
  • Data Masking and Auditing Data Use were deemed “most challenging” among seven steps in using cloud platforms for analytics.

“Based on our recent research, we’re seeing a ‘perfect storm’ for modern data access governance, fueled by the rapid shift to the cloud and the need to analyze sensitive data,” said Steve Touw, Immuta’s Chief Technology Officer.

“Our findings point to the emergence of cloud data ecosystems composed of multiple cloud data platforms, which will require a new data engineering toolset to automate and scale cloud data access without compromising security and privacy protection.

“With today’s release, we’re directly addressing these needs by supporting more of the most popular cloud data and analytics platforms, natively, and providing a single pane of glass to manage the data access lifecycle.”

“Our platform brings together massive amounts of sensitive data to help analysts track the spread of COVID-19 and help shape public policy and health response,” said Ryan Naughton, Co-ED of The Center for New Data.

“Due to the incredibly sensitive nature of our data, we needed a robust, cross-cloud access and control solution that governs data not just at the table level, but at the row-, column-, and cell-level for different classes of users.

“Immuta allows us to leverage and share more of our data with more users in a way that preserves privacy and ensures compliance with regulations and contractual data rights.”

Key features and benefits of Immuta’s latest release include:

  • Native integration for Starburst: Similar to previous native integrations with leading cloud data platforms, Immuta now natively supports Starburst Presto. Starburst customers can now use Immuta to deliver consistent data access governance, including diverse underlying technologies such as MongoDB, Cassandra, Elastic, Redis, and Kafka.
  • Native integration for Presto: In addition to Starburst, Immuta now supports Presto, enabling fine-grained (column-, row-, and cell-level) access controls transparently to users with the ability to leverage Immuta as an active data catalog of Presto data sources and automatically enforce policies without having to develop custom functions or move data.
  • Extension of privacy starter policies to native cloud integrations: With its intuitive policy builder, Immuta pioneered pre-built Starter Policies for data access control and compliance with common privacy regulations such as the CCPA and HIPAA Safe Harbor. These Starter Policies eliminate the time-intensive, manual steps of discovering privacy-compliant data, applying proper de-identification techniques, and proving compliance using acknowledgement workflows. With today’s release, Immuta Starter Policies are now available across all native cloud integrations.
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