Tufin Orchestration Suite R20-2: Users can evaluate network access risks and minimize attack surface

Tufin announced the release of Tufin Orchestration Suite R20-2, integrating network security policy best practices with external risk assessment tools to help users evaluate network access risks and minimize their attack surface.

As a result, security teams can streamline the security review process and network teams can reduce the time required to deliver business-enabling connectivity.

“Maintaining your security posture requires that multiple risk factors be considered when granting or changing network access,” said Ofer Or, Vice President of Products at Tufin. “With the latest release of the Tufin Orchestration Suite, we’ve expanded risk analysis to include additional sources of information beyond Tufin’s Unified Security Policy.”

With Tufin Orchestration Suite R20-2, customers can enrich their risk analysis data by integrating information from third-party vulnerability scanners, SIEM and other risk assessment tools into Access Request workflows, improving their ability to assess network access risks. The latest release also integrates third party risk results into Tufin’s Unified Security Policy compliance assessment.

Full visibility and automation for next gen capabilities for leading firewall vendors

The latest release of Tufin Orchestration Suite further extends Tufin’s next generation firewall support for Palo Alto Networks and Fortinet.

Tufin now provides full zero-touch automation when processing network changes that include FQDN objects. This enables Tufin users to automate all parts of the change process when FQDN objects are in use – from risk assessment for access requests, to automatic selection of devices that need to be updated, and all the way to automatic change design and provisioning.

The latest release also supports Global Level Configuration on Fortinet FortiManager devices, increasing visibility into objects, zones, and rules as part of the global policy.

In addition, release R20-2 offers an automated change process for Custom Applications on Palo Alto Networks Panorama devices. With this capability, joint Palo Alto and Tufin customers can Increase agility by using both custom and predefined applications when processing network changes using Tufin SecureChange.

The latest release also includes automation for tags on Palo Alto Panorama devices, eliminating manual work by adding Panorama tags to new rules as part of the Access Request workflow.

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