BitDam adds MSP console to its Advanced Threat Protection solution

BitDam announced that it is enhancing its offering for MSPs (Managed Service Providers) by adding a unique MSP console to its Advanced Threat Protection solution. This console provides MSPs with an overview of all tenants/clients/organizations they oversee and enables fast and easy management.

BitDam ATP secures business collaboration platforms (email, cloud drives, instant messaging and more) from unknown content-borne threats at first encounter. BitDam protects from malware, ransomware, phishing, BEC and zero-day attacks at unmatched detection rates, providing organizations with the peace of mind to collaborate internally and externally over multiple platforms such as OneDrive, Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

The new BitDam MSP console’s centralized dashboard view allows MSPs to view and manage all customers at one time and on one screen. Similar solutions on the market today typically require separate entries for each customer in order to view their data.

The BitDam MSP console is composed of five different views:

  • Overview – This view provides a summary of all recent activities and alerts across all accounts and is most useful for the day-to-day monitoring done by a MSP.
  • Management view – This view is where MSP users can add new customers to the service and new integrations to existing customers.
  • Malicious view – This view helps MSPs when they are providing security or SOC services. It allows users to drill down into specific attacks detected by BitDam ATP and gain insight on inter organizational trends.
  • Reports view – In Reports view, users can generate periodic reports for several customers at once, with the click of a button.
  • Notifications view – MSPs can define notification triggers and easily see each customer‘s alerts in Notifications view.

“Our new console for MSP partners frees up valuable time by supporting several views of customer activities. The very nature of our new offering enables a fast review and decision making process, making more cumbersome evaluation activities a one-click to complete process. This new approach is so important for businesses that need to do three things at once, and significantly increases MSP team productivity,” said Liron Barak, CEO, BitDam.

“We’re pleased to bring this new, multifaceted security offering to market. BitDam understands the unique needs of customer management for MSPs and our console provides them with a real competitive advantage.”

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