SS8 improves mediation results for law enforcement with Xcipio

SS8 Networks announced that it deployed its Xcipio mediation and interception platform in one of the largest global CSPs to support their Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) infrastructure.

Next generation network architectures benefit from distributed traffic processing, which requires some communications traffic to be processed on the edge and not in the network core.

This is true for CSPs that leverage an MEC, which is often used for high traffic applications including Internet of Things (IoT) services. Depending on how the CSP deploys their MEC, a lawful intercept platform may be required to ensure full compliance with regulatory requirements.

For this MEC deployment, Xcipio provides the CSP a cost-effective solution to intercept and filter all lawfully requested data at the edge of their network. The solution captures, filters and securely manages the intercepted data in real time with minimum resource utilization and then provides only relevant data to the requesting law enforcement analysts.

“As CSPs migrate to 5G and MEC based architectures, more and more of the essential data needed for an investigation is being processed at the edge of the network,” said Dr. Keith Bhatia, CEO of SS8 Networks.

“Xcipio, and its advanced ability to rapidly intercept, filter and hand over requested data, helps intelligence agencies around the world to do their jobs more efficiently.”

Xcipio is a high speed and real time intercept platform that supports complex and high-volume networks. Available as an in-network or cloud deployment, the scalable mediation platform securely delivers communication and location data, as well as metadata, to law enforcement and intelligence agencies ensuring regulatory compliance.

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