StackPulse raises $20M to invest in global growth and scale engineering hiring

StackPulse announced a $20 million Series A led by GGV Capital. This newest funding brings the total amount raised to $28 million, including a previously undisclosed $8 million seed round less than a year ago led by Bessemer Venture Partners, which also participated in the Series A.

Glenn Solomon at GGV and Amit Karp at Bessemer will join the StackPulse board of directors; Oren Yunger at GGV will join as a board observer. The funds will be used to invest in global growth and to scale engineering hiring to continue enrichment of the StackPulse reliability platform, as the company’s customer base of developers and site reliability engineers (SREs) continues to grow.

“It’s extremely rare to see a one-year-old startup exiting stealth mode already having built significant product-led growth and customer adoption momentum,” said Glenn Solomon, managing partner at GGV Capital.

“StackPulse’s rapid ramp is a testament to the management team’s proven experience, having successfully built, scaled and exited multiple previous companies. At GGV Capital, we seek to invest in leading teams going after large, emerging, and globally relevant markets. We are thrilled to have led StackPulse’s Series A and to be working with this passionate and dedicated team.”

StackPulse founders Ofer Smadari, Leonid Belkind, and Eldad Livni previously established Luminate Security, a pioneer in cloud-native Zero Trust, growing the company into a market leader acquired by Symantec.

The executive team includes Brian Lake, Josh Thorngren and Karin Ophir who have a long DevOps and IT Security leadership history across successful startups together, including Twistlock and Puppet.

“The growing importance of software dictates the need for predictable reliability,” said Amit Karp, partner at Bessemer Venture Partners.

“The only way to ensure such reliability is to make service operation processes as well-defined and continuously improved as software development. StackPulse takes the next logical step in the DevOps revolution, taking it beyond basic deployment pipelines to the next battlefield: Site Reliability Engineering.”

Traditional IT service management tools are siloed from development pipelines and driven by clicks not code, forcing teams to rely upon manual investigation and remediation of incidents.

The StackPulse Reliability Platform brings engineering methodologies and code-based automation to incident response and management, helping teams detect, analyze and remediate service interruptions in ways IT service management tools cannot.

With StackPulse, development teams can define, test and deploy operational processes within existing CI/CD or GitOps pipelines, ensuring operational velocity keeps pace with application delivery.

“Cloud-native technologies have helped developers innovate faster than ever before,” said Ofer Smadari, CEO and co-founder, StackPulse.

“But responding to production incidents is still a manual process, conducted with the same IT tools from a decade ago. We’ve seen testing, delivery and security ‘shift left,’ empowering developers to solve production problems with code. StackPulse brings this same DevOps principle to operating more reliable services.”

By approaching reliability as an engineering challenge and using code to define operational workflows and automated processes, teams can truly adopt the industry-changing approach of “you build it–you run it” practices across organizations and improve reliability of their software services, all to ensure a better customer experience.

“StackPulse has transformed our team’s approach to reliability,” said Aviram Cohen, VP R&D, Armis. “We’re able to see a complete picture of production health, with automated alert enrichment and triage so we can rapidly identify and analyze incidents.

“We’re then able to accelerate remediation by turning manual incident response into automated StackPulse playbooks. Our teams are no longer fighting fires and can instead invest in building for the future.”

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