Crew unveils new integration partners to power digital transformation

Crew unveiled dozens of new integration partners, further empowering organizations to digitize and streamline their operations and improve their employee experience.

These new integrations cover a wide range of critical functions and use cases for distributed workforces:

  • Digital signature and forms — Seamless integration with digital signature providers including DocuSign, HelloSign, AdobeSign and more make it easy and fast to collect signatures from frontline employees, directly within the Crew app.
  • Surveys and employee sentiment — Higher engagement and deeper insight into the employee experience are among the benefits customers are finding from participation surveys and more through survey providers, including Qualtrics, Medallia, Google Workspace, Culture Amp, and SurveyMonkey.
  • Learning and training — Keep employees on the same page with updated procedures, guidelines and company training through eLearning providers including Cornerstone OnDemand and Wisetail.

Crew’s growing portfolio of integrations enables organizations with large, ‘deskless’ workforces to realize the benefits of a digital workplace that connects all employees to the information they need to effectively get work done.

“When you look at the historical approach to the typical hourly frontline employee experience, there is an enormous amount of inefficiency stemming from paper-based, analog processes,” said Scott Van Brunt, Chief Operating Officer at Crew.

“Crew removes these outdated, resource-consuming obstacles by providing a digital hub that puts all of the information and all of the processes that a team member would need, right at their fingertips.”

“As part of providing that critical digital hub for communication, Crew also ensures that all team members are able to access the tools and information they need to do their jobs and take care of themselves, whether that be a document to sign, a survey to complete or a new training they’ve been assigned.

“With the addition of these integration partners, even more types of business communication and critical workflows will be immediately available to frontline workers, allowing the entire organization to move with more agility and speed.”

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