Entrust partners with Sysmosoft to provide a digital signature management solution

Entrust announced that it has partnered with Sysmosoft to provide a comprehensive solution for digital signature management. Under the agreement, the Sysmosoft document signing workflow is available as an add-on to Entrust digital signing solutions.

Organizations need digital signing solutions more than ever as they accelerate their digital transformations. Consumers demand secure and simple online and mobile experiences.

Enterprises and governments are responding with the deployment of high-assurance document signing to streamline customer onboarding, high-trust agreements and approvals, application forms and more.

As they do this, it is critical to manage digital signatures to facilitate compliance with regulations like eIDAS in the European Union, and other corporate governance and audit requirements.

Entrust offers a range of digital signing solutions, from individual document signing certificates to country-level digital signing infrastructures based on Entrust’s signing servers.

These solutions are supported by Entrust high-assurance nShield® hardware security modules (HSMs) and industry-leading PKI capabilities as part of a complete solutions set.

By adding Sysmosoft’s digital signature management capabilities, Entrust can provide its customers a solution that combines Entrust’s digital signing solutions with Sysmosoft’s proven document management workflow.

“As businesses adopt digital signatures, they increasingly want to integrate digital signature management into their workflows. Sysmosoft’s workflow solution complements Entrust digital signing solutions, enabling customers around the world to take advantage of digital signatures that meet the highest standards, while simplifying regulatory compliance,” said Jay Schiavo, Vice President, Entrust Certificate Solutions Markets at Entrust.

Frédéric Mauger, Co-Founder and Partner at Sysmosoft said: “New standards on electronic transactions are paving the way for a digital economy in the EU and abroad. Our product, Let’s Sign, enables the digitization of processes that are known to be stringent and require strict compliance with regional laws and international conventions.

“The partnership with Entrust will provide a complete set of trusted services to highly regulated industries.”

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