Ping Identity unveils PingOne Verify to help customers verify identity while reducing fraud

Ping Identity launched PingOne Verify, a new cloud service that helps enterprises make it easy for customers to verify their identity for rapid account onboarding, authentication and fraud prevention.

The new PingOne Service is the latest addition to Ping Identity’s suite of cloud services for identity and access management (IAM).

PingOne Verify empowers enterprises to improve customer convenience and strengthen security by streamlining identity verification when customers create new accounts, enroll in new services and other scenarios where risk is elevated.

The innovative cloud service leverages facial recognition technology and government ID document validation to ensure enterprises are interacting with the right customers without requiring passwords or any unnecessary friction in the user experience.

“Enterprises need individuals to verify their identity to prevent fraud, but if the verification process is too cumbersome, they risk losing customers in their first interactions with the business,” said Andre Durand, CEO and founder of Ping Identity.

“PingOne Verify is a simple way to verify identities that meets all of an enterprise’s security requirements, while giving customers a streamlined, passwordless, onboarding experience.”

How it works

PingOne Verify enables enterprises to enhance the customer experience by embedding identity verification directly into their customer-facing mobile app. Customers simply provide live-capture selfies along with an image of their government-issued identification card, such as a driver’s license or passport.

The technology leverages “liveness detection,” in which customers’ facial gestures – like smiling and straight-faced – are captured in a continuous stream, rather than a single static image, allowing PingOne Verify to ensure the end-user is a real, live person who is able to follow instructions.

PingOne Verify uses facial recognition technology to match the live-face capture with the customer’s image on their government ID.

Once it is determined to be a match, PingOne Verify then taps into external data services to validate the government ID is not tampered with or modified. When verification is complete, customers can continue with the account creation, registration or authentication process.

PingOne Verify also helps enterprises streamline secondary account creation or other events that would require the customer to reverify their identity. The service connects a customer’s verified identity to their mobile device during the initial verification, bypassing the need to scan a government ID on subsequent verifications.

This approach not only simplifies the process for repeat customers, it can lower the overall cost of identity verification for enterprises without impacting security.

The new service is particularly ideal for companies in regulated industries, such as financial services and insurance, which have strict Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.

The risk level during the first interaction with a customer has high potential for fraudulent activity or account takeover. PingOne Verify gives these enterprises the confidence that they are engaging with the right customers from the very first interaction

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