Unbound MPC Labs: Advancing the state of the art of MPC research with commercial apps

Unbound Security announced the launch of Unbound MPC Labs, a research initiative to advance the state of the art of multiparty computation research (MPC) with commercial applications.

Comprised of information from leading researchers, MPC Labs is a unique endeavor that seeks to advance the use of MPC technology in a variety of industries, as well as real-life use cases.

Five years after the emergence of MPC into the practical realm of business, the initiative brings together MPC research, survey papers and videos from members to share and educate the community on the MPC research carried out by Unbound and its members.

MPC is a subfield of cryptography that allows multiple parties to jointly compute any function while keeping their respective inputs private.

Unbound Security pioneered the use of MPC for enterprise key management and the Labs team will use the hub to share ongoing research on MPC, including more efficient MPC protocols for standard algorithms and support for new algorithms and standards in MPC.

The driving force behind the MPC Labs project is Professor Yehuda Lindell, world-renowned MPC expert and current chief executive officer at Unbound Security.

Lindell, along with fellow MPC expert Professor Nigel Smart, founded Unbound Security in 2014, after a conversation in Tel Aviv during a cryptography conference about the capabilities of MPC to enable better cybersecurity practice for enterprises and users.

“MPC Labs will advance the state of the art of multiparty computation research with a focus on its applications and their impact on cybersecurity — which is how Unbound uses it with many of largest enterprises and financials today,” Lindell stated.

“This is not only an opportunity to bring better awareness to MPC and its impact on cybersecurity, but also a way to centralize further research and knowledge exchanges.”

MPC originated as a research topic in the late 1980s and was for many years largely thought of as a theoretical academic study of cryptography in zero-trust situations. Over the past 5-10 years, however, MPC has emerged as a practical means of securing information, identity, and financial assets at scale.

Unbound Security is the corporate offering for MPC-enabled security at scale. The MPC Labs will ensure the ongoing leadership of Unbound in the area, while sharing scientific advancements with the community in order to expand the awareness of MPC as a technology that can be used to solve many acute security problems today.

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