ANNKE launches Pano360 Pro, a fisheye panoramic PoE IP camera

ANNKE levels up its all-around smart security solutions by launching its first fisheye panoramic PoE IP camera – Pano360 Pro to cover every corner inside any property. The launch of Pano360 Pro marks another milestone of ANNKE’s history in 360° monitoring and video frame rate.

Pano360 Pro – A pro camera to provide true 360° panoramic view

One of the unrivalled features of the IP camera is the true 360° all-angle coverage. The advanced 1.27 mm lens and F1.2 super aperture enable Pano360 Pro to capture every corner, leaving no blind spots. Install the camera to the banks, shopping malls, retailing stores, elevators, schools, etc. for endless all-around protection with just a single camera.

Premium 6MP Super HD at 30 fps

Packed with the powerful 1/1.8” CMOS image sensor and 5 image enhancement algorithms (WDR, 3D DNR, BLC, HLC & defogging), the camera shoots the clearest & smoothest 6MP images (3072 X 2048 pixels) at 30 fps in all lighting conditions, regardless overexposed or underexposed, foggy or complete dark environments, much better than other 5MP, 6MP or even 4K cameras with less frame rate and without the advanced algorithms.

Panoramic camera with 6 behavior analysis

Pano360 Pro outsmarts other fisheye surveillance cameras with its unique & unprecedented 6 smart behavior detection ways, ensuring nothing can slip through without users’ attention.

Equipped with the state-of-the-art detection ways, including line crossing, intrusion, region entrance/exit, unattended baggage & object removal detection, the camera will notify customers instantly when an object enters the preset virtual line/area, or when an object is left/removed in the area, perfect for monitoring and protecting all vital positions.

ANNKE Pano360 Pro Smart feature overview

  • True 360° fisheye panoramic view
  • True 6MP Super HD at 30 fps
  • 5 image enhancement algorithms
  • 6 smart motion detection ways
  • Record audio to enhance security
  • MicroSD Card, NVR & NAS Storage
  • ONVIF and amp; RTSP Compatibility
  • motion alerts and amp; remote access
  • DC 12 V or PoE Power Options
  • Multi-level encryptions and amp; protocols

ANNKE is writing the next chapter in its video surveillance history by changing what’s possible in a security camera. ANNKE Pano360 Pro introduces a completely new innovation that unlocks new capabilities never seen before with its all-area coverage.

ANNKE created this camera for customers that want to experience what a premium 360° IP camera can do, beyond the limitations of a traditional fixed security camera.

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