Votiro launches SaaS solution that eliminates file-borne threats

Votiro announced the launch of a cloud-based SaaS version of their Secure File Gateway solutions. The launch of the SaaS solution will provide customers working within or migrating to the cloud with a scalable way to completely eliminate file-borne attacks carried through email, web downloads, and website uploads.

Due to the continued prevalence of remote working, enterprises need solutions that are flexible and simple to deploy across their workforce’s varied environments, including mobile.

Votiro’s latest SaaS solution can be centrally deployed, updated, and managed all within the cloud environment. Votiro is now able to support and host all infrastructure for enterprise, removing the need for organizations to stand up their own infrastructure or schedule updates.

As a result, customers enjoy a convenient solution that drastically reduces resources spent on maintenance and saves security team members’ time that would otherwise be spent on tedious, manual security tasks.

Votiro’s solution can also be easily scaled—with SaaS, now more than ever—to support customers throughout their stages of growth.

“Votiro has redefined the approach to file security and how enterprises mitigate the risk posed by malicious files and attachments.

First, Votiro pioneered the Positive Selection space, and now our team continues to innovate by developing and offering a SaaS product for today’s cybersecurity climate,” said CEO and founder of Votiro, Aviv Grafi.

“We are proud to launch a solution that will serve as a convenient way to eliminate all file-borne threats, meeting a critical market need.”

Votiro’s Positive Selection technology is an advancement innovating beyond the Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology space.

Votiro adds a necessary security layer to all files, allowing only safe material through, protecting organizations from 100% of weaponized files.

Employees are empowered to receive and open emails and attachments without fear, enable digital servicing using portals, and allow web downloads.

As a result, files can be uploaded, downloaded, and edited without compromising security. Votiro’s solutions possess the ability to manage traffic at peak hours and process more than 100,000 files per hour.

Even with this tremendous volume of incoming material, customers have yet to experience a single file-borne breach in more than seven years.

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