Sonrai Dig offers automated prevention of data breaches in public cloud deployments

Sonrai Security announced significant new functionality designed to automate prevention of data breaches in public cloud deployments for its Sonrai Dig platform.

Supporting leading public cloud databases in combination with advanced behavioral modeling and automated blocking, the newly enhanced service helps ensure critical corporate data is secure wherever it resides in cloud environments.

“While misconfigurations resulting in public cloud S3 bucket exposures have taken a prominent place in news headlines over the last couple of years, these are not the greatest risks today,” said Richard Stiennon, chief research analyst at IT Harvest.

“Hackers are getting smarter and are extending their efforts to include a plethora of databases in use on AWS, Azure and GCP public clouds. Security platforms that provide granular visibility into and comprehensive control over all aspects of data access, not just S3 buckets, are providing the most value in the market today.”

Sonrai Dig already supports automated discovery of data stores and the automatic classification of sensitive data using an extensive library of pre-configured machine learning models that safeguard critical financial information, Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and other sensitive data.

Its identity and data governance capabilities allow clients to lock down access privilege to sensitive stores.

New capabilities announced include:

  • Extensive cloud native database support: New support is available for AWS Aurora, AWS Redshift, Oracle, Postgres, MySQL with additional support for MSQL and AWS DynamoDB. Data protection also works for object stores, like S3 and Azure Storage Accounts.
  • Behavioral modeling: New modeling instantly detects changes in data access behavior, including access from new identities, access from undesirable locations including geography and unusual changes in how identities access data. Sonrai Dig will also detect if suspicious access is granted, before it is used.
  • Automated blocking: Depending on the severity of the alert, Sonrai Dig can now either block all access to a store, block a specific identity from access, or temporarily downgrade access privileges for a specific identity.

“The advanced capabilities announced today build on our commitment to provide the industry’s most comprehensive public cloud identity and data governance platform, helping companies ensure that they are not made victims by increasingly sophisticated attacks against their cloud data, for which S3 bucket exposures are just the tip of the iceberg,” said Brendan Hannigan, Sonrai Security CEO.

“Cloud databases contain the ‘crown-jewels’ of most corporations. Sonrai Dig now supports complete discovery, access lock-down, continuous monitoring and automated response for these stores.”

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