Toshiba leads the Nearline HDD market in average capacity growth

Toshiba announces that it led all HDD companies in year-on-year Nearline HDD average capacity growth in 2020.

Toshiba followed up an astounding 55% year-on-year growth in 2019 with an impressive 35% year-on-year growth in 2020 to lead the industry for a second consecutive year, according to TRENDFOCUS’s data.

Toshiba has done an admirable job of leveraging its industry-first 9-disk helium design to introduce competitive Nearline HDD products in a timely fashion.

This has been the cornerstone in the company’s ability to launch higher capacity Nearline HDD programs,” stated John Chen, Vice President at TRENDFOCUS.

“Toshiba’s 9-disk helium-sealed HDD platform has enabled the company to achieve the highest five-year Compound Annual Growth Rates for Nearline HDD Units, Exabytes, and Average Capacity shipped through 2020.”

Proliferation of digital content being created and replicated has led to an explosive growth of data centers around the world.

Demand for storage has fueled HDD Exabyte growth, and for the first time in 2020, HDD Exabyte shipments topped 1ZB across all storage applications, from edge to core.

The meteoric climb in capacity shipped is a testament to the HDD industry’s ability to deliver the most cost-effective and performance delivering storage medium in the market.

“Our rapid increase in capacity shipped per unit, as well as increasing total Exabyte shipments almost ninefold in just five years, is a testament to the hard work and effort by our HDD team here and abroad to grow our Cloud Datacenter scale while continuing to broaden in the Enterprise, and is a reflection of our key customer partners’ trust in our products and support,” said Kyle Yamamoto, Vice President, HDD Marketing and Business Operations at TAEC.

“I am excited about our future, as we are still in the early stages of growth in the Nearline market, and continue to innovate high capacity HDD products designed to meet and enable the rapid storage growth in Cloud Datacenter and Enterprise applications.”

As a global technology company that has been innovating in storage for years, Toshiba offers a comprehensive portfolio of HDD products that address the storage needs of enterprise, datacenter, surveillance, and client markets. Toshiba solves customer challenges with innovative HDD models focusing on four primary market segments.

The AL Series focuses on the Enterprise Performance segment; the MG Series is aimed at Enterprise Capacity and Data Center needs; the MQ Series covers the broad spectrum of use cases that require Mobile Client HDDs; and the DT Series addresses the surveillance and traditional Desktop Client use cases.

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