CircleCI announces privacy enhancements for engineering teams

CircleCI introduced new platform updates to increase the control, protection, privacy, and confidence of today’s engineering teams.

Business leaders are concerned with the growth of remote-only and its impact on security. In fact, research shows 28 percent of leaders in 2020 were anticipated to prioritize improving application security capabilities and services, and 21 percent planned to prioritize building security into software development processes.

This prioritization has only increased in 2021, especially as remote-only continues to grow.

“As cloud adoption increases and security concerns grow, we believe that teams shouldn’t have to choose between speed or security. We empower them to have both by providing ways to create and manage reusable components, patterns, and processes,” said Jim Rose, CircleCI CEO.

“CircleCI’s latest privacy tools will provide users with an efficient way to share their code and intellectual property across teams, while reducing the risk of revealing secrets and minimizing surface area for attack from bad actors.”

Introducing CircleCI private orbs

CircleCI orbs help developers automate repeated processes with reusable packages of YAML configuration. These open-source config packages speed up project setup for users and have integrations for a variety of use-cases, from vulnerability scanning to test coverage of applications.

To further assist teams with their delivery to production, CircleCI now provides developers with the ability to create private orbs, allowing teams to share configuration exclusively within their organization. All available private orbs will be easily accessible for developers across the same organization via CircleCI’s command-line interface (CLI).

Private orbs provide increased privacy, efficiency, and collaboration across teams. This is especially useful for teams working in healthcare, finance, and other industries with high governance and compliance standards. Learn more about private orbs from CircleCI here.

CircleCI also helps users ensure their pipelines are secure via added product security features including: environment variables, multiple contexts, and admin controls.

As CircleCI concludes their FY’21, they reflect on a few notable accomplishments including:

  • Major product additions including the CircleCI Insights dashboard and CircleCI runner, along with added support for Arm, all to further automate the build, test, and release processes so engineering teams can ship software faster and more securely.
  • Educational resources for engineering teams to increase productivity including The 2020 State of Software Delivery, which details the first-ever benchmarks for high-performing CI/CD, as well as the CircleCI Developer Hub, an all-in-one CI/CD resource for developers that includes an array of efficiency and best-in-class CI/CD tools.
  • The addition of 210 new employees globally, doubling their product and engineering organizations.
  • New customers including NBC Universal, Citigroup, and Unilever, and partners including HashiCorp and Instana.
  • Established partnerships with global accelerators such as AWS Activate, Techstars, and 500 Startups.
  • Features in Forbes “tech firms to watch” lists and Built In “best places to work” lists.
  • Winning a 2021 DEVIES Award for ‘Best Innovation in Development Platforms’ category.
  • Recognition from peers and industry leaders as ‘Best CI/CD Tool’ in annual DevOps Dozen awards. The DevOps Dozen Awards recognize the best of the best in the maturing DevOps space, and this year’s winners have demonstrated exceptional leadership and support to the community through the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It is quite an accomplishment to be a DevOps Dozen honoree,” said Alan Shimel, CEO of MediaOps. “The standard of excellence required to receive this award is reserved for only the most distinguished members of the community—the top leaders, innovators and pioneers that are driving positive change in the world of DevOps.”

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