Security Compass Advisory Division re-established as a distinct business unit within the company

Security Compass announced their Advisory Division has been re-established as a distinct business unit within the company.

Started in 2004, Security Compass Advisory is a cybersecurity consulting organization that helps companies improve the security posture of their existing technology environments and accelerate adoption of new technology.

Focused on programmatic security strategy, security testing, and adversarial simulation, Security Compass Advisory has deep expertise in application and network security, public, private and hybrid cloud, containers, 5G, ICS, and IoT.

The team has a long history of success working with some of the largest companies in the world on complex security programs – including big banks, insurance, telecommunications, media, technology companies, and healthcare institutions.

“As a result of the frenetic pace of digital transformation in 2020, companies are just now starting to understand the security implications of this seismic shift.

Since much of this change is continuing to happen in the cloud, it’s increasingly important for companies to have team members who specialize in cloud security, or engage outside experts to bolster their own teams,” said Jordan Kendall, President of Security Compass Advisory.

“Our new business structure will allow Security Compass Advisory to build on our past success helping companies identify and remediate vulnerabilities with additional services aimed at supporting our clients’ adoption of new technologies that support business transformation.”

In 2020, the Advisory team played a critical role in supporting the development of COVID-19 contact tracing applications that handled sensitive user data, and performed a detailed security assessment of VotingWorks’ Arlo platform, which was used to carry out the state of Georgia’s comprehensive risk-limiting audit (RLA) during the 2020 U.S. federal election.

“When Security Compass received investment from FTV Capital in 2019, we determined that our Advisory business had significant untapped potential. Plans were set in motion to establish separate leadership, strategy, and objectives for Advisory,” said Rohit Sethi, CEO of Security Compass.

“Explosive growth in cloud adoption and digital transformations has led to the need for expert security advice and services in these domains.

“I look forward to Advisory’s continued growth in 2021 as they establish themselves as the leader in secure adoption of new technology.”

Advisory plans to launch several new services in 2021 that broaden their range of offerings for clients to securely accelerate digital transformation initiatives.

Advisory also plans to expand their team within Canada, the U.S. and India to bolster the company’s reach.

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