CyberArk Identity Security helps enterprises adapt and embrace a risk-based strategy

CyberArk announced availability of new subscriptions, programs and tools designed to accelerate organizations’ Identity Security initiatives and time to business impact.

These new offerings complement CyberArk’s Identity Security portfolio, which is centered on Privileged Access Management and focuses on securing individual identities – human or machine – throughout the cycle of accessing critical assets.

Included in today’s announcement are:

  • Identity security subscription offerings – Available in three new subscription offerings, customers can benefit from the combined power of Identity as a Service (IDaaS) and the industry’s leading Privileged Access Management solution in offerings that make the most sense for their specific users: Workforce User, External Vendor or Privileged User.
  • CyberArk blueprint for identity security success – The CyberArk Blueprint has evolved to expand prescriptive guidance across all identities and is centered on core Identity Security best practices gained through years of hands-on customer engagements.
  • CyberArk identity security assessment tool – The Assessment Tool is fully aligned to the CyberArk Blueprint so organizations can assess and track their level of alignment with Identity Security best practices and compare their program maturity with peers across multiple parameters such as industry, region and organization size.
  • Identity security customer success plans – Success Plans are strategically packaged resources, guidance and expertise to help customers successfully execute an Identity Security program while getting the most value from their solutions as quickly as possible

“CyberArk continues to invest and execute on our vision for Identity Security, putting it at the center of major industry forces like digital transformation, cloud migration, attacker innovation and compliance,” said Udi Mokady, chairman and CEO, CyberArk.

“CyberArk’s privilege-led approach to Identity Security is designed to help enterprises adapt and embrace a risk-based strategy for defending against identity-based attacks as they support a distributed workforce, embrace the cloud and new cloud technologies, and deliver positive customer experiences.”

CyberArk’s approach to identity security

Organizations across the globe are facing the challenge of an ever-expanding attack surface, as the number, types and interconnectedness of identities multiply across business applications and cloud workloads.

Because these human and non-human identities can all become privileged under certain conditions, a new approach to Identity Security is required, one with Privileged Access Management at its core.

Using a Zero Trust model, every identity is authenticated and authorized before granting access. With CyberArk Identity Security, organizations can secure access across any device, anywhere, at just the right time through:

  • CyberArk privileged access solutions secure privileged credentials wherever they exist – defending against advanced attacks, speeding digital transformation and helping achieve compliance.
  • CyberArk workforce identity and customer identity solutions continuously monitor behavioral signals to make sure users are who they say they are.
  • CyberArk secrets management solutions enable applications and automation tools to securely access sensitive resources at scale – without burdening developers.
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