Fime extends its portfolio of biometric consultancy and testing services to its Taiwan laboratory

Fime has extended its portfolio of biometric consultancy and testing services to its Taiwan laboratory. Now accredited by the FIDO Alliance Biometric Component Certification Program, Fime is supporting APAC device manufacturers, and biometric component and software providers, with local services.

The accreditation allows local stakeholders to confirm the performance and security of their fingerprint and facial biometric solutions as they seek to replace passwords.

“The FIDO Alliance’s mission is to move the world beyond passwords and remove the risk of data breaches while creating a frictionless user experience with technologies such as biometrics.

“By offering expert consultancy to the ecosystem and testing biometric products in line with FIDO Alliance criteria, experts like Fime are helping us to realize our goal and driving the global uptake of simpler and stronger authentication solutions,” said Dr. Rae Riviera Certification Director of FIDO Alliance.

“Biometrics are a rare technology that can increase security while improving user experience. Our consultancy, training, and laboratory services in France and Taiwan are empowering manufacturers and solution providers to launch quality biometric innovations quickly, easily and safely.

“In parallel, our experts are working with stakeholders like device makers, solution providers, banks and schemes to evaluate market trends and select the right biometric technologies to expedite the end of passwords,” said Stéphanie El Rhomri Vice President of Testing Services at Fime.

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