Blumira and Cerium Networks simplify threat detection and response

Blumira announced that it has partnered with Cerium Networks. Through this strategic partnership, Cerium Networks will be able to leverage Blumira’s enterprise-level threat detection and response technology to help its small and medium-size customers effectively protect against cybersecurity breaches.

Blumira’s modern, cloud-based SIEM (security information and event management) platform enables businesses, often with limited security resources or expertise, to seamlessly detect, investigate and respond to ransomware, misconfigurations and unknown security threats faster and earlier.

Blumira automates threat response by providing built-in playbooks to guide non-experts through incident remediation.

As companies continue to accelerate the adoption of hybrid environments in order to support business continuity and remote workforces, IT and security teams face ever-increasing threats and cybersecurity challenges, all while experiencing more and more demands on their time and talents.

Cerium recognized the need for an affordable, dynamic and scalable security solution that would enable its customers to simplify and consolidate several security capabilities into one easy-to-use solution

“Existing SIEM and SOAR security tools are out of reach for the mid-market. They’re expensive to deploy, too complex to tune and configure, and they require dedicated headcount to operate and maintain,” said Scott Nelson, director of security at Cerium Networks.

“Blumira solves a huge visibility gap and truly democratizes access to critical threat detection and response technology for all security teams, regardless of size. We are thrilled to be offering this uniquely valuable and cost-effective solution to our clients.”

To kick off the partnership, Blumira and Cerium will host a webinar, “Simplifying Threat Detection & Response,” on March 25 at noon EST.

Participants will discuss how IT and security teams without dedicated security resources can confidently defend against new and constantly evolving cybersecurity threats.

The roundtable discussion will be led by Kevin Malkin, Blumira’s partner manager, Jacob Julian, Blumira’s solutions engineer and Cerium Networks’ director of cybersecurity, Scott Nelson.

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