Accedian launches TLS 1.3 decryption capabilities for Skylight platform

Accedian announced that its cloud-native performance monitoring and analytics platform, Skylight, will include new decryption technology to ensure end-to-end visibility on encrypted network traffic.

The technology supports all Transport Layer Security versions, including TLS 1.3, allowing customers to maintain the privacy and security of encryption while still gaining valuable insight into network traffic for performance monitoring and threat detection.

Maintaining a cyber resilient organization comes down to one thing: visibility. However, the amount of encrypted network traffic is growing, leaving IT teams in the dark when it comes to complete visibility and control for security and performance purposes.

Accedian’s new decryption technology, embedded within Accedian Skylight, will allow users to analyze all network traffic, including encrypted network traffic, ensuring that IT teams have complete visibility into their networks for mission critical security monitoring, threat detection and performance monitoring capabilities.

“Visibility is paramount for a truly cyber resilient enterprise, but it’s a challenge to maintain alongside current privacy guidelines and expectations,” says Sergio Bea, VP Global Enterprise and Channel Sales, Accedian.

“Skylight’s new decryption capabilities are a win-win in this regard: organizations can continue effectively monitoring and troubleshooting their network performance, while customers and employees can be certain their information is safeguarded at all times.”

The uptick in encrypted traffic can be attributed to the increasing use of public cloud storage and container technologies, expanded privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA and rising privacy concerns from consumers.

To be the operative backbones for businesses, modern network solutions need to incorporate effective decryption technology but that can still assure quality of performance.

“A network monitoring solution is meant to bring the best quality of experience to end users, and Skylight’s new decryption capabilities are a continuation of just that,” says Tom Foottit, VP Product Line Management, Accedian.

“The technology is efficient and quick-it’s highly scalable and leaves a minimal CPU footprint. With 97% of our customers reporting they were planning on installing TLS 1.3 in the coming months, they can now do so without sacrificing performance, speed, or that all-important visibility.”

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