Nubeva expands monitoring capabilities in AWS

Nubeva Technologies expands monitoring capabilities in Amazon Web Services (AWS). With the announcement of Amazon VPC Traffic Mirroring support for non-Nitro compute instances, Nubeva can now enable IT and Security teams with full packet inspection capabilities across AWS.

“Virtually all cloud network traffic is encrypted, but at the same time, enterprises have a requirement to inspect the data in that traffic for cybersecurity and application assurance,” said Steve Perkins, CMO at Nubeva.

“With this announcement, Nubeva can now enable decrypted visibility across significantly more of AWS, expanding our value and our market opportunity. A real win-win-win for customers, AWS, and Nubeva.”

Driven by customer requests, AWS expanded VPC Traffic Mirroring capabilities to capture more traffic and provide greater visibility across the vast AWS infrastructure.

Coupled with Nubeva, the combined solution provides a dramatically better, faster, easier and lower cost alternative to legacy methods of decryption in AWS.

The expansion of the AWS product feature supports broader and ubiquitous visibility into traffic across customers’ AWS cloud subscriptions for improved monitoring, security and compliance requirements. Nubeva has been working seamlessly with Amazon VPC Traffic Mirrors since they launched in 2019.

Nubeva offers a next-generation solution for authorized network decryption that allows enterprises to embrace the highest levels of encryption without sacrificing essential visibility and control, and without disrupting their applications, compute, and network architectures.

When combined with the new, expanded AWS traffic mirroring capability, enterprises now have a complete, no-compromise solution.

Nubeva launched an AWS Quick Start in 2019, one of only fifteen security Quick Start’s built by AWS solutions architects and AWS Partners.

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