Versa launches integrated SASE solution for Lean IT organizations

Versa Networks announced that it has made several Versa SASE services available on Versa Titan, the solution designed for Lean IT organizations.

As the industry’s only complete Lean IT SASE solution, Versa Titan tightly integrate full-featured SD-WAN, networking, and application and network analytics with full-stack security capabilities for Lean IT organizations.

Leveraging Versa’s unique Single-Pass Parallel Processing architecture found in VOS (Versa Operating System), Versa Titan delivers Lean IT’s most comprehensive integration of SASE networking and security elements in a single software image, adding Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Versa Secure Access, Versa Secure Access client, and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) to Titan’s existing SD-WAN, routing, Next Generation Firewall (NGFW), IDS/IPS, Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware, and User and Entity Behavior Analytics.

“We had many WFH users that we needed to manage and protect in this past year,” said Tom Kraft, IT Group Leader at Gel Group. “To reduce the number of incidents and security gaps, we had to reduce the amount of appliance and application sprawl, and needed an easy-to-use cloud native solution that could offer secure site-to-site and client-to-cloud connectivity.

“Versa Titan was able to deliver both networking and security capabilities through an intuitive management console with the scalability and flexibility of a cloud-delivered SASE solution. We can now protect and optimize access to all our business-critical applications, whether on-premises or in the cloud.”

With these updates to Versa Titan, the company’s SASE services are now packaged for Lean IT in an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-manage solution that allows organizations of all sizes to configure best-in-class networking and security policies, spin up branch sites, secure access, scale work-from-anywhere, and stop threats within a matter of minutes.

No other Lean IT solution can match how quickly and easily Versa Titan SASE services are deployed and configured. Its zero-touch provisioning and single management interface address the orchestration needs of a Lean IT SASE deployment, which organizations reveal can take up to two weeks or more for other SASE solutions.

Versa Titan is designed for organizations that may lack security or network-focused engineers and architects, risk and compliance teams, and onsite hardware technicians.

Organizations looking to take advantage of the multi-cloud can leverage Versa Titan highly elastic and easy integrations, including default configurations and templates that provide a low barrier to entry to launching a SASE architecture in a self-guided, intuitive way.

It offers an intuitive management dashboard controlled via a web browser and mobile app, and its simplified licensing model delivers a hassle-free purchasing experience. Versa Titan is also designed to help channel partners, MSPs and VARs enhance their customers’ networking and security needs in an easy-to-use hosted service.

“Sprawl at the edge of the network is a real dilemma for SMB clients,” said Jayesh Dave, CTO of Ripple IT. “For smaller organizations, being able to deliver a reliable and secure network without having to deploy separate technologies for each function is critical.

“Versa Titan tightly integrated SASE functions make the solution easy. By unifying complex networking, advanced security, analytics and reporting in one place, Versa Titan effectively eliminates the sprawl without giving up reliability or security. For Ripple’s clients Titan helps deliver a huge win.”

With competing SASE solutions designed and integrated in a complex, disjointed manner and not equipped for organizations with smaller IT teams, Versa recognized that SMB, SME, and Lean IT Enterprise customers need a SASE solution that is turnkey.

Versa Titan delivers comprehensive SASE services as a unified solution through a single management interface with access to cloud-native services addressing the needs of smaller organizations.

The solution increases Lean IT security with consistent SASE security policies across all branches and individual users, eliminating security gaps and vulnerabilities introduced when connecting multiple security solutions.

Versa Titan also delivers significant increases in business and application performance for multi-cloud and on-premises deployments.

Versa delivers tightly integrated SASE via the cloud, on-premises, or as a blended combination of both via VOS with a Single-Pass Parallel Processing architecture. Versa began delivering unified SASE services such as Secure Private Access, Secure SD-WAN, Edge Compute Protection, Next Generation-Firewall as a Service, SWG, and ZTNA 5 years ago.

As the leader in SASE executing on a unique and differentiated architecture for years, Versa has proven to be the most unified and cohesive SASE solution on the market, delivering high performance, low latency, single-pass decryption, and optimized security. In addition, Gartner has recently identified Versa SASE as having the most SASE components out of the 56 vendor products Gartner evaluated.

“Many organizations looking to simplify their IT infrastructure and policies do not need an on-premises solution and are looking for something cloud-delivered with lightweight configuration, management, and elasticity,” said Apurva Mehta, Co-founder and CTO with Versa Networks.

“However, they do not want to compromise on security, network performance, or resiliency. Versa Titan delivers that cloud service for organizations looking for simplicity and an out-of-the-box SASE service that requires very little manual installation or configuration. By doing so, Versa Titan is accessible to organizations of any size, thus democratizing SASE for all.”

Unlike competing solutions, Versa SASE was built from the ground up to deliver a tightly integrated SASE solution within a single software stack, eliminating service chaining, cascading, and virtual interconnect between services, which is required by competitors.

Competing solutions have hidden costs and gaps in security because they require multiple product and service components. Achieving visibility and control from solutions requiring service chaining to connect multiple components together proves ineffective, increasing the costs and attack surfaces for organizations.

Versa ACE Partners are uniquely able to offer a cost-effective and simple-to-quote solution rather than stitching together multiple vendors to achieve a single SASE solution. Versa Titan gives Versa partners an easy-to-use, cloud-managed platform to deliver a full range of services to implement, integrate, operate, and build sustainable businesses through recurring revenue.

Versa Titan also provides ACE partners the access to a rapidly growing market opportunity with a wide range of networking and security services, making it easy to deliver managed IT branch services to their ACE customers.

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