Michael Maice joins ID Technologies as CTO

ID Technologies announced the appointment of Michael Maice to Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Archon Products. ID Technologies designed the Archon Solution Suite to simplify the path to Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC)-compliant communications from the edge to the cloud.

The Archon platform provides CSfC for Enterprise, bringing the NSA’s CSfC program to market as a solution that scales to the needs of the US Government.

Maice will be responsible for overseeing and advising on the strategy for Archon product development, as well as evaluating new technologies to be integrated into the Archon product platform.

In this role, Maice will act as a key advisor to our customers and partners, as they are making technical decisions on CSfC solutions.

Maice will be instrumental in using his real-world experience of operating at the extreme tactical edge to ensure that Archon is always building products that will extend the ease of mission for our warfighter and tactical users.

Maice’s experience in the United States Army as a Chief Warrant Officer and the CTO of the Joint Communication Support Element, as well as his industry experience as the Chief Innovation Officer for a ruggedized hardware manufacturer, will be instrumental as he drives the technical strategy of Archon.

“As we accelerate our investment into the Archon platform, to scale getting this technology into the hands of the warfighter, Mike will be paramount to our success.

“Mike understands the challenges our mission customers face in enterprise adoption of secure remote access capabilities. Mike’s voice is mission first, and that is an extremely important strategy for IDT as we focus on product development in this market,” states Chris Oliver, CEO of ID Technologies.

“Maice, as we call him here at Archon, has a unique blend of experience and innovative thinking that had a huge mission impact during his time on active duty.

“We are lucky to have him here, as the senior technical leader at Archon, advocating for the same user community,” states Dylan Conner, CTO of ID Technologies and President of Archon.

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