StackPulse reliability platform eliminates hours of manual on-call work with code-based playbooks

StackPulse announced the release of a free-to-use edition of its reliability platform that gives developers, DevOps, and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) teams a modern way to respond to software outages, automate manual operations, and deliver more reliable software services to end users.

StackPulse reliability platform

With StackPulse, teams can apply DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering principles to the on-call process of identifying, responding to, and resolving service incidents and outages.

Unlike traditional IT tools used for this purpose, StackPulse lets teams do away with complex paging rules or documented runbooks of steps to execute – and instead express operational processes as executable code.

“With StackPulse, we can standardize our incident response practices and share them across multiple teams and timezones,” said James Zhou, vice president of technical operations at The Meet Group.

“This helps triage and remediate production incidents faster by reducing the noise so we can deliver more reliable services to our customers.”

When a performance degradation or outage occurs, StackPulse automatically executes playbooks that investigate the underlying cause, delivers context to human responders, and performs remediation actions as needed.

A single automated playbook eliminates over 400 hours of on-call work a year for the average StackPulse customer, resulting in a corresponding reduction in customer-facing downtime or other errors.

“While traditional platforms for responding to service outages are focused on on-call alerting, ticketing, and collaboration, StackPulse is built to fit into DevOps workflows used by modern software development teams,” said Leonid Belkind, co-founder and CTO of StackPulse.

“By delivering reliability via code, StackPulse helps teams easily share knowledge and best practices, and support complex services without unneeded on-call escalations.”

This announcement comes shortly after the year-old company exited stealth, announcing in January more than $28 million in funding across two rounds led by GGV Capital and Bessemer Venture Partners.

The StackPulse Reliability Platform is now available in two editions:

  • StackPulse Free. Get started with code-based playbooks to automate away the manual toil of incident response and on-call collaboration. The free edition of StackPulse integrates into existing monitoring, observability and communications tools to centralize incident management.
  • StackPulse Enterprise. The complete StackPulse platform contains all features in the Free Edition, plus support for multiple private environments or public clouds. It has a fully exposed API and retains event, alert, incident and response data to deliver reliability insights and recommendations for improvement.
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