Cloudflare Browser Isolation offers zero trust browsing for all businesses

Cloudflare launched Cloudflare Browser Isolation, a new zero trust service to make everyday web browsing safer and faster for all businesses, regardless of where their employees are.

Cloudflare Browser Isolation

As businesses rely on employees working directly in browsers, Cloudflare Browser Isolation keeps them safe by creating a gap between end-user devices and potential threats.

In addition, Cloudflare Browser Isolation is incredibly fast and feels like native browsing, so companies no longer have to sacrifice performance for security.

Employees use browsers every day to do their work and access key applications like email, video calls, Google Docs, DocuSign, Workday, and more. As a result, browsers have become one of the largest and most complex sources of attacks for every company.

Without browser isolation services, companies struggle to stop these threats from infiltrating devices without sacrificing the ability of their employees to work productively and with the apps they are most familiar with.

Cloudflare Browser Isolation runs a user’s browser session in the cloud so threats can never reach their device. And because it is built on Cloudflare’s global network, the remote browser experience is fast, secure, and feels like a regular browser to employees – no matter where they are.

“Everyone uses a web browser, and that makes it the perfect target for attackers all over the world,” said Matthew Prince co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare.

“We don’t believe that the most effective protection to these attacks should be restricted to a handful of large companies with huge IT teams. Cloudflare Browser Isolation can be deployed by anyone in just a few clicks and automatically protects against the majority of threats people face online.”

Current solutions in the browser isolation market are often slow and clunky, causing productivity losses while they unpack and inspect a webpage or stream a bandwidth-intensive recording back to the user.

Cloudflare Browser Isolation uses a fundamentally different approach because of our global network, which operates within 100 milliseconds of 99% of the Internet-connected population in the developed world.

It runs the original web page in the cloud and uses patented technology to draw an exact replica of the page on the user’s device. Unlike a pixel stream, the page replica is delivered so quickly it feels like a regular browser. This creates a seamless experience for the user, while creating a gap between the device and potential threats.

Cloudflare’s Zero Trust browsing service also helps any business:

  • Stop malware by design: Cloudflare Browser Isolation ensures that users are automatically protected from zero-day attacks and malware by creating a gap between a user’s browser and endpoint, protecting devices and networks from exploits and attacks.
  • Protect employees automatically: Cloudflare Browser Isolation will automatically isolate high-risk websites based on information from Cloudflare’s threat intelligence.
  • Access improved security no matter the size of their company or IT team: Browser isolation technology has typically been sold to large enterprises with mature networks and large IT teams. Cloudflare Browser Isolation is available to any organization of any size through Cloudflare for Teams.
  • Protect all layers of the network: The inclusion of Cloudflare Browser Isolation into the Cloudflare for Teams suite delivers end-to-end security, isolation and identity control to all layers of the corporate network without needing to daisy chain disparate point solutions.
  • Achieve consistent performance regardless of location: Browser sessions run in sealed container environments in Cloudflare data centers in more than 200 cities around the world, bringing the remote browser milliseconds away from the user so it feels like local web browsing.
  • Avoid the performance tradeoffs of existing browser isolation solutions that don’t operate at the edge: Unlike legacy remote browsers that send a slow and clunky, version of a web page to the user, Cloudflare Browser Isolation uses network vector rendering to draw an exact replica of the page on the user’s device, and then delivers that replica so quickly it feels like a regular browser.

“Phishing is the fastest growing attack vector against DroneDeploy, and we’re targeted daily. Remote Browser Isolation, as a part of Cloudflare for Teams, is a critical tool for protecting our employees and our customers’ data,” said Joseph Mente, Engineering Manager, DevOps at DroneDeploy.

“Applications of the modern workplace run on browsers, and Remote Browser Isolation provides an invisible protective layer to prevent entire classes of exploits and data exfiltration, with zero impact to business productivity.”

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