iDenfy and Wittix offer a reliable solution for identity verification

iDenfy announced it would be partnering with Wittix moving forward. The relationship allows Wittix, an EMI that operates in the industry of online banking and financial services, to utilize iDenfy’s advanced solutions for identity verification.

Wittix clients will encounter iDenfy’s ID-checking process upon registration, ensuring their experience with the EMI remains smooth and secure from start to finish.

As such, this improvement enables Wittix to focus on developing faster and improved financial services while maintaining premier security measures.

Of the company partnership, iDenfy CEO Domantas Ciulde commented, “This decision will undoubtedly benefit both parties and improve our current capabilities.

“We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to work together with such a high-quality EMI and hope that our relationship is an extensive one. From here on out, Wittix clients can rest assured knowing their information will always remain secure thanks to iDenfy.”

Wittix CEO Hanan Assis:” Wittix aims to provide top class online financial services. Every little detail of the customer journey matters. iDenfy is a convenient and reliable solution that allows Wittix’s clients to perform live identity verification quickly and securely.”

iDenfy’s standard solutions are ideal for Wittix, enabling both users and administrators alike to use the service with ease. Thanks to iDenfy’s simple identity check, operations are expected to remain as seamless and reliable as ever.

Also, as a financial institution, Wittix depends heavily on the availability of quick and efficient customer support. iDenfy is dedicated to maintaining this essential quality by providing a versatile customer support team capable of resolving a variety of issues, from simple technical department troubles to wide-ranging complications at the management level.

Wittix is only one of the partners who’ve joined iDenfy’s growing network in recent years. As the identity verification provider continues to team up with other leading organizations, its workforce will have the opportunity to sharpen its skills and expand its capabilities.

Furthermore, Wittix will continue to benefit from iDenfy’s efficient and timely response to changing requirements set by financial authorities.

As of now, Wittix offers services to clients seeking Business and Personal online European bank accounts. Clients can perform domestic and international transfers using the unique IBANs issued by Wittix, enjoying convenient solutions and high-end security with iDenfy’s premier identify verification process.

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