ZealiD selects DigiPlex to deliver physical security at its data centers

DigiPlex has been selected by ZealiD as its partner in the rapidly growing market for secure digital identities. The company chose DigiPlex for its exceptionally high standards of physical security at its data centers.

ZealiD provides organizations and individuals with a qualified eSignature that can be used to prove identity across the EU and beyond.

ZealiD’s can be used to sign legal and court documents, register to vote, apply and prove identity to financial institutions and many other instances where verifying who you are in the digital world is essential.

It is accepted by all public authorities across the EU and is the first organization in the world to offer these services as a mobile app that currently works in 26 countries and 21 languages.

ZealiD conforms to the eIDAS regulation, set by the EU as the leading global standard for electronic trust and identification services. It also meets applicable ETSI security standards which prohibit storing data in the cloud.

Certificates which prove the identity of users, and which are used for authentication and esignatures, are stored on secure servers in a data center. It is therefore essential that ZealiD’s co-location partner can demonstrate the same commitment to security and protecting these servers.

Before selecting DigiPlex, ZealiD used independent security certification company Tuvit to audit its facilities. It confirmed the very high level of physical security DigiPlex offers to its customers.

“As a hyper-growth company in the fast-moving digital identity market that demands exceptionally secure and complex solutions, it was imperative that we found a partner which could not only support our ambitious plans, but could match our commitment to security,” commented Philip Hallenborg, founder and CEO of ZealiD.

“With DigiPlex we are assured of the physical security protecting our servers and have a clear path to expand as our business grows.”

“Security is of paramount importance to all of our customers ranging from hyperscale cloud service providers to innovative, fast-moving entrepreneurs like ZealiD,” said Fredrik Jansson, CCO at DigiPlex.

“DigiPlex has, over the last 20 years, earned a strong reputation for our physical security alongside high levels of customer service. We are very pleased that ZealiD recognizes this heritage and has chosen to put its trust in us.”

All DigiPlex facilities benefit from multi layered integrated security systems that features overt and covert measures covering physical, technical and human defence.

Exact specifications are confidential but will include combinations of high-grade dual perimeter security fencing, 24/7/365 site security and manned guarding, a sophisticated Access Control System with multi factor authentication featuring biometric `Man-Trap’ access portals and an advanced Closed Circuit TV surveillance system.

DigiPlex also creates unique arrangements for individual customers down to specific suites, cage and rack-level security systems.

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