IDEMIA partners with Cybernetica to offer strong mobile authentication and digital signatures

IDEMIA and Cybernetica partner up to offer governments and other interested parties a new two-in-one digital ID solution.

This partnership increases value for eService providers and citizens by offering strong mobile authentication and digital signatures.

It enables reliable and convenient access to eServices regardless of location, by turning a citizen’s smartphone or tablet into a highly-secure authentication and signing device.

Cybernetica’s technology, SplitKey, complements IDEMIA’s digital ID solutions based on biometrics in order to better meet the diverse needs of governments with a mobile-app and cloud-based approach. These solutions enable secure authentication and qualified signatures in accordance with the EU regulation (eIDAS).

SplitKey uses innovative cryptographic solutions. To ensure security, authentication and signing are only successful when all parts of the person’s credentials (i.e. private keys) – stored between their smart device and the SplitKey host’s server – act together across the devices.

SplitKey currently assures 70 million transactions a month all over Europe, made by millions of users across hundreds of eServices.

IDEMIA’s digital ID solution, IDway, facilitates ID issuance and authentication and is customizable to meet specific national technical and regulatory requirements. Governments can issue an airtight digital ID based on a national database or ID document.

“We welcome the synergy of combining Cybernetica’s unique expertise in developing digital identity technology with IDEMIA’s outstanding position around the world. We are focused on delivering technology that helps people securely interact in an increasingly connected world.

“Our partnership with IDEMIA, the global leader in Augmented Identity, is a step towards the widespread use of secure mobile authentication and digital signing services globally,” said Oliver Väärtnõu, Chairman of the Management Board at Cybernetica.

”We are delighted to partner with Cybernetica, whose unique role in building the eGovernance ecosystem in Estonia is a global reference. Establishing a secure authentication and eSignature via smartphones is becoming increasingly sought after by many citizens.

Cybernetica’s technology fits perfectly with our Digital ID solutions so that we can always support governments as they roll out trusted ID systems among their populations,” said Pierre Lelièvre, IDEMIA Senior Vice President Digital Identity – Public Security & Identity.

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