Autohost launches Threat Intelligence Platform to mitigate fraud risk in the hospitality industry

Autohost launched the Autohost Threat Intelligence platform to help hotels and short-term rental property managers and operators guard against a growing number of risks, including deceptive bookings, identity theft and credit card fraud.

“The hospitality industry faces significant challenges, from fraudulent reservations and chargebacks to criminal activity like identity theft, squatting, sex trafficking and even money laundering,” said Roy Firestein, co-founder and CEO of Autohost.

“As more COVID-19 travel restrictions lift, we expect an influx of travellers to return to hotels and short-term rental properties.

“Contactless check-in makes it easier for fraudsters to mask their identities and slip by traditional guest-screening processes that aren’t equipped to detect malicious activity.”

The Autohost Threat Intelligence platform is open source, cloud-based and able to integrate with property management systems (PMS), and other platforms that operators leverage, to provide additional security context for guest vetting.

The free platform aggregates critical reputation data from global threat feeds into a searchable, API-driven database.

It helps proactively identify and flag the creation of fake accounts, identity theft, and other fraud-related risks that can lead to revenue loss from chargebacks, damages and criminal activity.

The platform has logged more than half a million IP addresses and collected over 2 million security events this year.

Source data is gathered from over 200 sources including publicly available industry, government, and commercial threat intelligence feeds, blacklists, antivirus vendor source reports, and Autohost’s own proprietary intelligence and threat lists.

The Autohost Threat Intelligence platform:

  • Assists in mitigating identity theft, bogus loyalty program or gift card claims and other fraud-related risk by flagging activity associated with suspicious guest IPs
  • Blocks users attempting to circumvent geographic restrictions
  • Protects operators from ghost account creation originating from networks associated with criminal activity
  • Integrates with existing platforms like Mews, Oracle Opera, Streamline, MyVR and others
  • Allows up to 5,000 searches per month for free

“Our ability to vet guests and flag potential concerns is critical to our operations and in keeping our promise to real estate partners,” said Alex Herrity, Chief Product Officer at Mint House.

“Autohost has become one of our most trusted partners, and the Autohost Threat Intelligence platform is an invaluable part of our technology stack.”

“Since inception, Autohost has been focused on helping our operators protect their business by proactively vetting their guests using a cybersecurity-based approach,” said Firestein.

“While the Autohost Threat Intelligence platform is designed to help the hospitality industry mitigate risks, the data it produces can support businesses in other industries as they actively defend against threats and embrace risk-based decision making.”

“Autohost encompasses a powerful suite of tools that every hospitality provider dreams of,” said Bryce Collins, District Manager at SoBeNY.

“Safety and security are the top priorities in our company and utilizing the Autohost platform helps us maintain this to the highest degree.”

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