CircleCI offers cloud-based CI/CD services for the Arm architecture

CircleCI announced a preview of significant additions to their build fleet with the introduction of Arm-based compute.

The Arm architecture, known for its power and performance benefits, has rapidly gained traction across a broad range of solutions from cloud to edge and endpoints. As the footprint of Arm has grown, so has the demand for CI/CD solutions on Arm.

As the leading CI/CD platform, CircleCI is the central hub where developers seamlessly take ideas to execution, at scale.

CircleCI is now one of the few platforms to offer cloud-based CI/CD services for the Arm architecture due to its partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), allowing joint customers to build and test applications compiled for Arm without managing their own systems.

“With CircleCI’s Arm build fleet running on AWS Graviton2, developers can build and run Arm-based applications with virtually no spin-up time and deliver significant improvements without sacrificing power or cost efficiency.

“We’re excited to be able to support and scale the Arm developer community at a level not previously possible,” said Tom Trahan, VP Business Development at CircleCI.

“Our continued growth in the infrastructure space enables us to partner with a broad range of innovative solution providers to deliver the best experience for customers looking to adopt Arm-based platforms,” said Eddie Ramirez, Senior Director of Marketing, Infrastructure Line of Business at Arm.

“CircleCI’s powerful CI/CD cloud offering will provide users the level of confidence they need to develop and test applications on the AWS Graviton2 environment.”

About CircleCI’s support for Arm

CircleCI’s Arm build fleet relieves the burden of testing and deploying on systems based on Arm and allows users to take full advantage of public cloud computing without having to maintain infrastructure for it.

Other advantages include:

  • Future-proof your team. With Arm rapidly gaining traction across data center and edge applications, developing for Arm is a smart choice to help future-proof your business.
  • More development choices. Developers looking to deploy CircleCI jobs on their own infrastructure have the option to use self-hosted Arm runners.

“With the Arm architecture reaching critical mass, more and more developers want to capitalize on the Arm-powered AWS Graviton2 processor’s performance capabilities and cost benefits,” said David Brown, Vice President, Amazon EC2, AWS.

“With CircleCI on AWS, developers can now take advantage of AWS Graviton2 processors to build and test their applications for Arm without managing their own machines, so they can focus on building great apps.”

“While always valued for its power efficiency, the Arm platform continues to make dramatic improvements in performance as it becomes ubiquitous across a wide variety of hardware platforms.

“With these improvements, its importance as an enterprise development and deployment platform has skyrocketed. Businesses are not asking but requiring that their infrastructure software run on Arm,” said Stephen O’Grady, Principal Analyst, RedMonk.

“CircleCI’s just-announced support for the Arm Graviton2 platform, therefore, is built to meet precisely this demand.”

CircleCI helps thousands of AWS developers automate their deployment pipeline safely, confidently, and at scale, and is one of the most powerful CI/CD tools available in the AWS marketplace.

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