C-cure cybersecurity expert team joins Nixu

The C-cure expert team further strengthens the presence of the European cybersecurity company Nixu in the fragmented Danish cybersecurity market.

C-cure, established in 1993, is Denmark’s oldest technology-based and independent advisor in cybersecurity. The C-cure team is focused on cybersecurity solutions and services and technical GDPR compliance, and it has solid experience in holistic and impartial security consulting and support.

Nixu’s strategic vision is to become the number one choice as a trusted cybersecurity partner of digitalization for companies headquartered in Northern Europe and the best place to work for cybersecurity professionals.

In order to provide its clients with a holistic portfolio of cybersecurity services, Nixu aims at building a strong local market presence in Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Denmark and constantly explores opportunities to expand into new markets in Northern Europe.

Nixu entered the Danish market in 2019 by acquiring Ezenta A/S focused on technology-based cybersecurity services.

The C-cure team, becoming part of Nixu on April 1, 2021, will generate a number of additions to Nixu’s as well as to C-cure’s current and future clients. C-cure’s know-how and services will strengthen Nixu’s expertise in Endpoint Protection and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) in Denmark.

By combining the capacities, Nixu will increasingly be able to meet clients’ needs in the Danish market, but also combine the complementing security services and the ability to build and support IT security infrastructure for its enterprise clients worldwide.

“Our aim is to expand near our clients in Northern Europe. Since 2019, we have been successful in building a stable foundation for growth in Denmark.

“Now C-cure joining Nixu is a step to continue on our growth journey and strengthen our market presence in Denmark. I’m thrilled to welcome C-cure team to the Nixu family”, says Nixu CEO Petri Kairinen.

“We share the same dedication and passion. We are fully focused on cybersecurity and compliance.

“C-cure’s commitment to Nixu is an obvious step towards continued united growth and, at the same time, we provide solid knowledge, unique services and help strengthen cybersecurity awareness among both our clients and in the market,” comments C-cure’s founder and CEO Mette Nikander and continues “by joining forces and with our wide range of cybersecurity services, we are able to lift the heavy weight off the shoulders of our clients”.

Nixu established in 1988 has grown fast, especially during the last five-year period, and is now one of the largest cybersecurity services companies in Europe.

In 2020, Nixu reported MEUR 53.3 in revenue and the company employs about 400 experts that serve clients worldwide. The C-cure experts transfer to Nixu as so-called old employees and Nixu is not acquiring any assets of C-cure.

The size of the C-cure team is relatively small compared to Nixu, and the arrangement will not change Nixu’s financial forecast.

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