ShiftLeft CORE: A unified code security platform

ShiftLeft introduced ShiftLeft CORE, a unified code security platform.

Powered by ShiftLeft’s Code Property Graph (CPG) engine, the ShiftLeft CORE platform features NextGen Static Analysis (NG SAST), a modern code analysis solution built to support developer workflows; Intelligent Software Composition Analysis (SCA), which scores code vulnerabilities based on whether an attacker can reach it; and ShiftLeft Educate, which delivers contextual security training for developers within the developer workflow.

“With security of the software supply chain currently under close scrutiny, DevSecOps has shifted from a nice-to-have to a need-to-have imperative for organizations and their developers,” said Manish Gupta, CEO, ShiftLeft.

“Traditional SAST and DAST tools are built only to meet the security team’s goals – they’re disruptive to developer productivity and aren’t ready for the current pace of organizations’ demanding product delivery cycles.

“ShiftLeft CORE is designed to bring a comprehensive suite of code security solutions to developers’ fingertips, making it simple and efficient to integrate security into their everyday practices.”

ShiftLeft CORE offers a suite of code security solutions from a single, unified platform. These include:

  • NextGen Static Analysis (NG SAST) – NG-SAST is a modern code analysis solution purpose-built for developers, enabling them to find and fix vulnerabilities without ever leaving their development environment. The solution identifies unique code base vulnerabilities before they reach production, addressing hardcoded secrets, data leakage, auth bypass, rootkits, backdoors, and logic bombs. The unmatched speed and accuracy of NG SAST ensures developers stay productive, delivering rapid results while eliminating false positives.
  • Intelligent Software Composition Analysis (SCA) – SCA tools identify vulnerable dependencies or libraries in an application, thus creating a large amount of work for the developers. ShiftLeft’s Intelligent SCA precisely identifies the vulnerable dependencies that actually make the application vulnerable. By understanding exactly how a dependency is being used in an application, ShiftLeft can identify whether a specific vulnerable dependency is “attacker reachable” and can be exploited. ShiftLeft can even identify when a vulnerable dependency’s risk can be mitigated without the need to upgrade the dependency. In early deployments, ShiftLeft customers saw an over 90% reduction in tickets by homing in on real vulnerable dependencies using Intelligent SCA.
  • ShiftLeft Educate – A fresh take on security training for developers, ShiftLeft Educate delivers bite-sized, context-sensitive security training for developers when and where they need it the most. Educate highlights specific files and lines of code where a vulnerability occurs and delivers comprehensive, reliable, and relevant guidance on how to remediate the issue without requiring developers to context switch. Administrators are also able to assign specific trainings to certain users, and developers are awarded certifications for completing trainings.

“ShiftLeft CORE has helped our team more effectively prioritize Software Composition Analysis (SCA) findings,” said Rick Bohm, SVP of IT, Information Security and Compliance, Angi.

“Their product is unique in its ability to differentiate between general and actionable vulnerabilities, which has helped greatly reduce security tickets. With this product, we are confident we are prioritizing on any higher-risk issues and keeping our users’ data safe.”

ShiftLeft CORE is powered by ShiftLeft’s unique Code Property Graph (CPG) engine, which combines many representations of source code into a single, queryable graph database.

Designed with modern, modular applications in mind, the CPG is able to understand the full flow of information across an application or service, adding valuable context to its code security analysis and recommendations.

“Organizations today don’t have a problem finding vulnerabilities; the challenge is prioritizing and fixing the ones they already have without sacrificing speed in the development process,” said Chetan Conikee, CTO, ShiftLeft.

“The groundbreaking features we’re offering in the ShiftLeft CORE platform are designed to address this new dynamic, and turn application security into a business advantage for our customers.”

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