Fudo Security partners with SYNNEX to deliver zero trust network security

Fudo Security announced that the company has signed a distribution agreement with SYNNEX.

“Quite often, the misconception is that identity access management (IAM) solutions are an alternative to privileged access management (PAM), but this leaves an organization open to exploits from insider misuse and breached credentials.

“Fudo PAM is a comprehensive, all-in-one solution that monitors all remote access and sessions. Other elements like MFA or VPN are insufficient to guarantee a complete safeguard against internal or external threats,” explained Patryk Brozek, CEO, Fudo Security.

SYNNEX will now offer its customers the world’s leading session monitoring and recording solution, powered by AI and deployed in record time.

Fudo PAM, a core component of any zero trust strategy, can be deployed on both physical and virtual appliances. Furthermore, it can also be hosted in the cloud.

“Fudo Security brings the advantage of enterprise-grade value with lean integration and tailor-made support for companies of all sizes,” said Scott Young, Vice President, Product Management, SYNNEX.

“This is especially important for top-level management including those who are charged with making critical decisions and setting policies to secure their privileged accounts from misuse and internal threats.”

Fudo’s Secure Remote Access solution is the simplest way for remote users to safely access servers, applications, and systems.

In addition to offering the world’s leading session recording tool, Fudo PAM also detects suspicious activity by employees or hackers using stolen credentials.

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