Scality and HPE introduce ARTESCA, a cloud-native object storage solution for Kubernetes

Scality introduced ARTESCA, the lightweight, true enterprise-grade, cloud-native object storage solution designed for the needs of the Kubernetes era.

ARTESCA’s modern approach, built on Scality’s 10 years of experience serving the most demanding enterprises on the planet, delivers the speed and reliability required by emerging workloads.

Supported immediately on a broad portfolio of HPE all-flash and hybrid intelligent data storage servers, ARTESCA addresses multiple use cases, from the edge to the core to the cloud, especially in cloud-native, AI/ML, big data analytics and in-memory applications.

Increasingly, object storage is deployed on flash-based systems and is now becoming the primary storage for modern applications.

The cloud-native environment demands adaptability, portability and efficiency — attributes that traditional storage solutions struggle to match.

ARTESCA is purpose-built for developers while meeting the security demands of the enterprise.

With ARTESCA, application owners and DevOps staff can easily manage persistent data storage infrastructures from anywhere, without being forced into becoming storage experts.

Unlike other storage solutions on the market, ARTESCA is:

  • Lightweight: ARTESCA is easy to install, doesn’t require any Linux skills and can start out as small as a single server and scale out.
  • True enterprise-grade: ARTESCA is adaptive and sustainable across future platforms and technology innovations. A single pane of glass view enables control of multicloud data, workflow management, API and user-driven metadata search, and comprehensive storage analytics. Dual-layer erasure coding with minimum overhead ensures superior data protection.
  • Cloud-native: ARTESCA powers an app-centric, cloud-native, modern world by supporting multiple Kubernetes distributions and bare metal servers from edge-to-core/core-to-edge or on-premises to public cloud.
  • Modern object storage: Fast application-centric primary storage for new or emerging workloads delivers high performance with ultra-low latency and 10s of GB/s of throughput to meet the needs of AI/ML, big data analytics and edge applications. It is entirely API driven, so operations can be fully automated.

Scality is offering ARTESCA through a public cloud-inspired procurement model, with one, three and five-year subscriptions available, starting at £2,732 ($3,800) per year including 24×7 enterprise support.

ARTESCA is available on the HPE portfolio through a six-month exclusive agreement and is also available as a cloud service through HPE GreenLake.

Chris Powers, vice president and general manager, collaborative platforms and big data, HPE, said: “We are excited by what the new enterprise-grade yet lightweight object storage and data management solution co-designed by Scality and HPE can do for our joint customers.

“Combined with a new portfolio of six purposefully configured HPE systems, ARTESCA software empowers customers with an application-centric, developer-friendly, and cloud-first platform with which to store, access, and manage data for their cloud-native apps no matter where it lives — in the data centre, at the edge, and in public cloud.”

Randy Kerns, senior strategist and analyst, Evaluator Group, said: “Scality has figured out a way to include all the right attributes for cloud-native applications in ARTESCA: lightweight and fast object storage with enterprise-grade capabilities.

“This is challenging to accomplish and makes it an optimal storage solution for this new class of applications where performance demands are critical. The container-based design enables ARTESCA to fit into the Kubernetes ecosystem — a requirement for cloud-native applications.”

Jerome Lecat, CEO, Scality, said: “In today’s app-centric world, a fresh approach to data delivery is essential. ARTESCA is built on our 10+ years of experience supporting the world’s largest organizations and understanding their need to meet the demands of the 21st century.

“With our expanded portfolio, HPE and Scality will help more customers power their cloud native applications from cloud to core to edge. ARTESCA is a true enterprise-grade solution that is transforming how data is managed and delivered in a cloud-native world.”

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