A1 Digital partners with Klarrio to provide big data and streaming solutions on EU cloud infrastructure

Klarrio is now offering its customers the opportunity to use EU-hosted infrastructure for their cloud needs selecting any of Exoscale’s data center locations.

Combining Klarrio’s system integration expertise with Exoscale cloud infrastructure while adhering to initiatives such as Gaia-X will provide customers with best-of-breed technology and solutions.

“We chose to partner with Klarrio because of their outstanding expertise and experience in cloud native big data solutions.

“Jointly we are committed to provide our customers with cutting edge Gaia-X compliant cloud infrastructure and data services,” explains Mathias Nöbauer, Director Cloud at A1 Digital and CEO Exoscale.

“Customers are requesting more flexibility and control over where their data resides, specifically within the EU,” explains Kurt Jonckheer, CEO of Klarrio.

“By partnering with A1 Digital and using its cloud platform Exoscale, we have found an EU-based partner that is able to offer the cloud infrastructure and services that our customers have come to expect.”

Klarrio strongly believes that data loses value over time. In a world where everything is connected the need for real-time data analysis becomes more and more of a requirement instead of a luxury.

Evolutions such as 5G connectivity and autonomous driving will pave the way for new low-latency use-cases and grow the need for data stream processing and cloud services.

The company assists its customers with the implementation of big data and advanced analytics solutions, leveraging primarily cloud-native open source software which can be deployed on any cloud infrastructure.

This enables customers to leverage state of the art technology, have the ability to remain in control over where their data resides while avoiding vendor lock-in regardless of the vertical industry they are in.

Exoscale, an A1 Digital product, offers cloud services focusing on simplicity, scalability, and security for SaaS businesses and web applications.

With a simple and intuitive web administration interface, coupled with fixed pricing, Exoscale makes complex infrastructure concepts easy to implement.

Exoscale focuses on fast and flexible self-service solutions for customers. At the same time, trustworthy and reliable infrastructure components ensure maximum scalability, reliability, and performance.

Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, and with data centers throughout Switzerland as well as in Vienna, Frankfurt, Munich, and Sofia, Exoscale benefits from Swiss and European data protection regulations and therefore complies with all GDPR guidelines.

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