Armory launches Armory Minnaker, a virtual machine that speeds up software deployments

Armory introduced Armory Minnaker, a virtual machine leveraging K3s and the Armory Operator to enable software deployments in only 10 minutes instead of 10 days.

Already thoroughly tested by some of the largest companies in the world, including Netflix and Salesforce, Spinnaker — the enterprise-grade continuous delivery tool — is now accessible in minutes through Minnaker. Its simplified installation and deployment gives users an improved experience and shrinks the amount of time it takes to realize the benefits of continuous delivery.

“The goal of continuous delivery is to remove cognitive load from the developer — they shouldn’t care about what cluster, what cloud, what region — they just want to be able to commit their code and know that it is running and being interacted with as expected,” said Isaac Mosquera, CTO of Armory.

“Now, with Minnaker, our users can get right to the value of Spinnaker, as well as Armory’s enterprise features that will help them automate their software deployment and ship code faster.”

Armory Minnaker is a full Spinnaker installation packaged inside a virtual machine running the certified K3s Kubernetes distribution. Minnaker automatically handles authentication, security such as SSL/TLS, namespaces, custom resources in Kubernetes (CRD) and more.

In addition, Armory has created pre-built DevOps pipelines, along with a self-guided tour of the platform to acquaint new users. All of this enables integration of Armory into DevOps toolchains, such as continuous integration (CI) systems, Git repositories, security tools, and targets for software distribution.

The Minnaker release comes on the heels of a successful 2020 and 2021 first quarter for Armory. Following the company’s October announcement that it had raised a $40 million Series C financing round, bringing the company’s total funding to-date to over $82 million, Armory expanded its leadership team to include chief operating officer Margaret Francis, senior vice president of sales Mike Eckoff, and vice president of customer success, Sarah Sproehnle.

The company also expanded operations in Europe opening an office location in Ireland, encompassing a distributed team across 25 states, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, the U.K. and Cyprus.

Over the past year, Armory grew its customer base and partnerships, increased its staff, and is being recognized for its achievements by winning some of the industry’s most prestigious awards.

“The past year has tested our collective resilience in entirely new ways and yet, Armory’s technology has been in high-demand as companies accelerate their digital transformations during the pandemic,” said Daniel R. Odio, CEO of Armory.

“We’re humbled by the opportunity to continue to scale and grow our technology and team to respond to customer demand. Thanks to our amazing team and everyone who continued to support us, our fourth year turned out to be Armory’s best yet.”

Armory is helping some of the world’s leading companies unlock innovation by accelerating safe, efficient and fast software delivery. Armory is available in AWS Marketplace, Red Hat Marketplace, and VMware Marketplace.

Armory provides an enterprise distribution of Spinnaker, the cloud native, open source, continuous delivery platform that creates a path for developers to deploy with speed and resilience. Armory helps companies optimize their entire software development lifecycle, so they can ship better software faster.

With Armory’s distribution of Spinnaker, users get 24/7 support, as well as professional services and training, from the world’s experts in implementing and running Spinnaker at scale.

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