uCloudlink collaborates with Intercel to provide its mobile broadband devices and data services

uCloudlink is continuing to expand its presence in the Asia-Pacific with new partners in Australia. uCloudlink has inked a cooperation agreement with Intercel to provide its mobile broadband devices and data services.

The alliance will see Intercel distribute uCloudlink’s GlocalMe mobile broadband devices and mobile data services in Australia.

Leveraging uCloudlink’s patented CloudSIM technology, GlocalMe is a lightweight portable data solution compatible with various application scenarios that enables users to enjoy a speedy, secure and stable mobile connection anytime, anywhere.

With a number of portable Wi-Fi devices and lightning-fast data services, GlocalMe covers more than 140 countries and regions, and is one of the most popular mobile broadband options for businesses and individuals who travel frequently and require international roaming.

The partnership between uCloudlink and Intercel reinforces the high acceptance of uCloudlink’s products among partners around the world, and facilitates the brand’s further penetration in the Australian market as part of its global expansion strategy.

uCloudlink has already strengthened its foothold in the Asia-Pacific region with a host of new partners such as Shore Access, an international communications provider in the Philippines, and HKM, a large information and communication technology products and services distributor based in Jakarta.

With COVID-19 vaccinations being distributed and travel bubbles gradually forming throughout the Asia-Pacific, tourism and business travel is expected to pick up in 2021.

With diverse partnerships across the region and mobile data technology, uCloudlink is well-placed to meet the growing demands of users as the market recovers and will continue to elevate user experience via its innovative hyper-connectivity solution through PaaS and SaaS platform.

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