BigID App Marketplace provides modular add-on apps for data privacy, protection, and perspective

BigID announced the release of the BigID App Marketplace, designed to provide BigID customers with modular add-on apps for data privacy, protection, and perspective – in a unified data management platform.

BigID’s app marketplace makes it easy for organizations to get more value from their data discovery, catalog and classification by easily adding apps for actioning data in data compliance, security or governance.

Apps in the BigID App Marketplace can be purchased or downloaded on-demand and provide an easy way for enterprises to expand BigID data management. Apps are developed by BigID and 3rd party vendors.

  • Find, buy, and deploy apps for data privacy, security, governance, and beyond
  • Choose between apps, utilities, and integrations to cover your unique business needs
  • Guarantee a smooth upgrade process with BigID certified apps

All apps are powered by BigID’s ML-driven discovery-in-depth foundation, to leverage unparalleled insight, analysis, and context from enterprise data.

The BigID data foundation is the first to combine full metadata cataloging, ML-driven classification, fuzzy matching cluster analysis and graph-based correlation, delivering unparalleled visibility and intelligence into an organization’s high value and high-risk data.

The apps provide workflow, management and controls for then taking action on the data in areas like privacy, security and governance. Apps are provided by BigID and third party vendors. End-users can also develop apps for themselves or the marketplace in Java, JavaScript, Python and several no-code platforms.

“Data drives business – but there’s no one size fits all solution. That’s why we created the first app marketplace for data intelligence,” said Dimitri Sirota, CEO of BigID.

“Enterprises can now leverage the deep data insight of BigID’s data discovery to extend and enrich to apps across their entire tech stack – they can build their own, bring their own, or buy apps to get value from their data for privacy, security, and governance.”

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