DATA3 partners with OrionVM to bring D3 Cloud platform to the market

A new, next-gen cloud platform is available to serve the growing trend of managed service providers (MSPs) and businesses looking for an easier way to ditch the hassle and expense of maintaining on-premise hardware in favor of the cloud.

The D3 Cloud is regionally deployed and offered through a strategic partnership between DATA3 Corporation and OrionVM.

“We’re thrilled to partner with OrionVM to bring this solution to market in time to meet the urgent need of applications enabling the remote workforce and the rapidly-changing business environment,” said David Harrelson, COO and EVP of DATA3 Corporation.

“We believe the D3 Cloud will be a game changer for a lot of businesses and IT service providers looking to gain a competitive edge and their own identity in deploying premium cloud solutions.”

In addition to providing the D3 Cloud to corporate clients, DATA3 is making this solution available to Managed Service Providers (MSPs), allowing them to differentiate their market position through a private label reseller program.

Robert Morris, owner of MISOK, says the D3 Cloud offers increased competitive positioning for MSPs. “There are a number of IT consulting firms losing clientele to large public cloud offerings,” Morris said.

“Smaller companies such as physicians, medical offices, and other small to medium-sized enterprises want to move away from the traditional on-premise setup, and until now there hasn’t been a great solution for MSPs to compete. The D3 Cloud gives us both the rapid migration we need and the opportunity for a wider resale margin.”

These advanced and customized cloud services can be sold at price points below that of existing, geographically distant, cloud providers. This allows MSP’s to launch their own cloud offerings with significantly higher margins or commission from other cloud providers.

Robert Allen, Founder and CEO of SPARK Services, says the D3 Cloud is the next step for the company’s evolution of service offerings. “We are enthusiastic about transitioning our VoIP and telephony product offerings to the D3 Cloud,” Allen said.

“Migrating to the cloud is part of our strategy to grow our customer base and elevate our voice offerings. The D3 Cloud will enable our customers to experience unparalleled quality thanks to the superior integrity of the cloud architecture on which it will reside.”

According to Harrelson, not all clouds are created equal. The D3 Cloud is capable of a sustained maximum IOPS well above public cloud offerings, and without complicated hidden charges and SKUs.

This is achieved with a hyperconverged, replicated virtual SAN built on a unique InfiniBand fabric, which guarantees high throughput and resiliency with self-healing and auto failover.

This network fabric also allows for OSI Layer 2 networking and direct IP addresses on virtual network interfaces, allowing for simple, high performance public and hybrid cloud deployments that are unmatched by other big cloud providers, said Harrelson.

This first-of-its-kind cloud platform has the advantage of being located within DATA3’s existing highly-reliable data center, with 24/7/365 on-site security officers.

The Tulsa facility has an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and generator system for N+2 power redundancy. The data center also has a waterless fire suppression system and is built to withstand an EF4 tornado and winds of more than 200 mph.

Data from research firm Omdia indicates the next four years will be a period of significant migration from on-premise hardware to off-premise cloud solutions.

The data shows the migration will not only continue but accelerate. Only 25% of today’s hardware infrastructure will remain on premise, with the remaining 75% of companies shifting to cloud providers by 2024.

“This rapid migration to the cloud makes the DATA3 solution very attractive, as it unlocks the value of a hybrid cloud system that renders network interconnects cost-effective and simple,” said Harrelson.

Mr. Harrelson went on to say, “Our solution offers tremendous cost benefit, and performance and geographic benefits over big cloud provider offerings.

“MSPs can now plan their growth around the D3 Cloud to remain relevant in a changing marketplace. The D3 Cloud allows rapid private cloud deployments giving MSPs the ability to continue offering a full suite of professional IT services.”

The D3 Cloud removes the need for long private cloud build outs, entailing large capital investments and significant technical complexity. MSPs maintaining colocation presence in our DATA3 data center pay no ingress and egress fees to move their customers’ information in and out of the next-gen cloud environment.

This benefit alone saves thousands of dollars each time an MSP customer needs to migrate, archive, restore or backup large blocks of customer data. The D3 Cloud technology removes the onerous costs and support overhead of buying hardware and having to build and manage a comprehensive cloud infrastructure.

Covid19 has also opened the floodgates for K through 12 schools utilizing distance learning systems for homebound students.

DATA3 is rolling out next-gen cloud solutions specifically for the unique needs of K-12 schools to meet this accelerating demand for performance, security, and reliability. next-gen Cloud keeps students, teachers and administrators, working efficiently, and safely from remote locations using a variety of internet connected platforms.

By partnering with the award-winning cloud technology partner OrionVM, DATA3 has already done the hard work of bringing up the D3 Cloud and building products that offer out-of-the-box solutions for customers.

This empowers customers and unleashes a full cloud ecosystem, from the foundation of the cloud stack, to delivering a full suite of productized cloud services.

For 20 years DATA3’s professionals have provided its customers professional IT services and proven solutions that stand the test of time while delivering unmatched performance and reliability.

Next-gen cloud continues in this same tradition by leveraging state of the art Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas), Desktop as a Service (DaaS), and Backup as a Service (BaaS) across multiple geographic locations for true redundancy.

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